More Citizen Activism for Impeachment

While Republican “leaders” debate how tiny a slither of the federal budget they’re willing to cut, the grassroots are in the trenches, educating their fellow citizens about Barack Obama’s high crimes and misdemeanors. This week, two regular citizens have called for the impeachment of Barack Obama. On Monday, Willard F. Schmehl of Cool, California, wrote in the Mountain Democrat:

Our presidential pretender has involved America in another war in the Muslim world based on a U.N. resolution. The other countries involved with enforcing this resolution had legislative votes to authorize the action. Mr. Obama didn’t.
We are in an illegal war our elected representatives weren’t consulted about, nor authorized.
There is precedent for this illegality. Clinton involved America in Kosovo without legislative authorization, where we are involved to this day.
Now before extremist left wingers make the false claim that Bush got us into an illegal war in Iraq, research the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998 (PL-105-338) signed by Bill Clinton on Oct 31, 1998, that stated the policy of the United States was to remove Saddam Hussein. Also, research HJR 114 of Oct. 11, 2002, five months before Iraq began, which specifically authorized President Bush to use military force in Iraq. Despite these documents, leftists continually falsely accused Bush and called for his impeachment.
Where are the leftist calls for the impeachment of Obama now that he, like Clinton, really involved us in an illegal war? There is an enormous hypocritical, double standard in play here. And where is our pretender-in-chief? Why, on yet another vacation, of course.

On Thursday, all the way across the country, another taxpayer spoke up for the Constitution. Bob Reid of Niceville, Florida, wrote in the Northwest Florida Daily News:

Our president has now laid siege to a third sovereign nation without congressional direction or approval, thus perpetuating the criminal activity begun by his predecessor. Transferring operational command and control of this open-ended Libyan conflict to NATO will not relieve him of personal responsibility for striking the match.

As an expert on constitutional law, President Obama knows he has committed an impeachable offense. Is impeachment maybe what he hopes will happen?

I submit that Obama now realizes elected presidents no longer run America, and is looking to impeachment as a relatively dignified way out.


It is up to the grassroots to keep acting until our elected leaders hear us. For simple, practical steps you can take to help us, read our article, “Impeaching Obama: What You Can Do.”

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  1. …..Friday April 1st 2011…………While Republican leaders debate how tiny a slither of the federal budget theyre willing to cut the grassroots are in the trenches educating their fellow citizens about Barack Obamas high crimes and misdemeanors. This week two regular citizens have called for the impeachment of Barack Obama. Mister Obama didn t..We are in an illegal war our elected representatives weren t consulted about nor authorized..There is precedent for this illegality.

  2. DallasOrf says:

    If he is impeached, Joe Biden will continue the current lans! WHY do we want that? Likely the advisers would all stay in place as well. Chuck that idea and do all we can do to prove his ineligibility. If he is proven ineligible, ALL that he has signed into law will be null and void and at least we can start over from where Bush left us – that's a LOT instantly UNDONE which is a LOT faster than repealing everything in 2013!

    • Well at leat Biden is not a DAMN MU

    • jncsmom says:

      Biden's an idiot – he's a puppet. Why do you think Obama wanted him for vice president? He didn't want anyone to run with him that would make waves, or disagree with his agenda. IMPEACH THIS PRESIDENT NOW – Why take the chance of him taking a 2nd term. He's done enough damage to our great country, move him OUT of OUR White House!!!

    • Ke7awr BION I’m impressed! Cool post!

  3. Screw the IMpeachment process, just lead him and his administration to the front gate, along with his family and don't forget the motherin law who is milking the taxpayers, all of his staff, czars, cronies, thugs, union scumbags, fellow muslims, etc and hit them in the ass with the gate. Don't even warn them of the gate hitting them in the ass on the way out.

  4. obama and clinton are both cut from the same cloth. Bush did get permission. clinton impeached over a sexual affair-I agree with throwing the whole mess out. obama has his media covering up his crimes and his czars. The first month obama was in office he recinded 16 of Bush's bills and now the business community and the American public are really feeling the results plus his other executive orders. Since '06 the democrats have smeared the republican party with ewverything they could lie about. We have been set-up.

  5. CONGRESS DO your job. Act like Americans, Impeach this FRAUD. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. reginald zenkewich says:

    Impeach ther Obamanation and bring him to trial and hopefully convict the pretender for his crimes against the People of this Country and bring charges against everyone of Obamanations appointees/czars.

  7. Betsy K. Larsen says:

    Ya know people, there is a similarity between Washington DC, and the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. All three are corrupt. There was no saving grace for Sodom nor Gomorrah, hence God didn’t spare either of them. And only a very few walked out of those doomed cities. Washington looks/acts/smells like those cities that were utterly and totally destroyed by the hand of God. It is wicked all the way through, from the top to the bottom of the “food chain”. We, THE PEOPLE, need to “destroy” it by sending the “fire and brimstone” of our anger, via votes, protests, or whatever we can to rid our country of nothing but liars, thieves, and a wanna be monarchy, those who would be the Kings, Queens, Lords and Ladies there, feeding off our hunger and despair as a nation. The whole place is polluted with evil men and women, who will see the country BROKEN EVEN MORE, before they will change one iota of their attitudes and behaviors. They want to live the rich and easy life, while WE, THE PEOPLE pay for their “royal” styles of life! They simply DO NOT CARE ABOUT AMERICA OR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! They care no more for us than their predecessors did for the original Native Americans. To them, we are only fodder, to be used at their desire, and as a means to an end. If we are truly tired of being used, and abused in the process, it is up to each one of us who still loves our country, and our FELLOW AMERICAN BORN AMERICANS, then we will do what we must in order to take command and control of America once again, and put ONLY THOSE WHO MEAN TO DO THEIR JOBS BACK IN OFFICE! Those who mean to listen to us, the American people, NOT TO THOSE WHO ENTER HERE ILLEGALLY, and HAVE NO DESIRE TO BELONG AND ASSIMILATE INTO AMERICA AS THOSE WHO CAME BY WAY OF ELLIS ISLAND AND WERE HAPPY TO BELONG TO THIS COUNTRY! Enough of the “African American”, “Mexican American” and other such crap, either you ARE AMERICAN OR NOT, and IF NOT, and IF YOU HAVE NO DESIRE TO BE AMERICAN……..GET THE HELL OUT! And, YOU DO NOT DESERVE THE VOTE, NOR DO WE HAVE TO LISTEN TO YOU, AND WE SURE DON”T CARE WHAT YOU THINK IF YOU HAVE NO LOVE FOR AMERICA……..GET OUT, DO NOT ALLOW THE DOOR TO HIT YOUR SORRY UNGRATEFUL ASS WHEN YOU LEAVE!!!! unless of course, you want your ass kicked! We, the People will then be happy to oblige you in that case!!! And, for further information, there never was a “rich muslimE culture, or heritige” in this country! The Moron/muslimE in charge said there has been…….I have studied history of my country, and that of many others, and NOWHERE IN AMERICAN HISTORY IS ANY MENTION OF THIS EVIL THING CALLED “islime” nor is there any mention of islam. to me it is ALL SLIME, ISLIME! And people, WE HAVE BEEN TRULY “SLIMED” BY THE FILTHY SLIME muslimE in office! Let’s get rid of the SLIME IN OFFICE! IMPEACH, THROW OUT, whatever, but rid ourselves of this filth, and along with him/it, the rest of the filthy low life peices of excrement in that city! None are worth saving. I am a registered Republican, but that is not where my heart nor loyalties lie, it is with anyone who wants to take control of America and bring her back to her original glory, or the original society that the forefathers intended her to be. A Christian based society. One Nation, Under God………… it should be! not a split nation, UNDER allah……a most sincerely FALSE GOD! One who or what, will send us all to hell, or worse, a hell on earth!!!!

  8. If we empeach him,and all of his cronies, then they should all be charged in a court of law after they have been throw out of office,and prosicuted to the fullis extent of the law, so that they will all serve some time in our great prison system, so that the world can see what it is ,and what we do to people that think that they are better than the everyday American Citizen. They need to be made a example of so that we can show others that are in polotics that this is what happens when you get to big for your britch's. All of them should serve a minimun of 5 yrs in a federal prison, doing hard labor,and if there are citizens that want to stand up,and argue for these idiots, then they can join them in their new homes, we have to make a mokery of this administration, from the top to the bottom,and all special interest groups should be charged with crimes agianst the people of These United States of America….

  9. Radical Rabbi says:

    I fear impeachment will not take care of this problem for the very reason the author states; he has the Senate. Even if the Democrats become the minority, following 2012, he will be out of office, and the damage done.
    It saddens me to say that it is going to have to happen now; by the rising up of the true patriots of this country. James Madison said that the Tree of Liberty would have to be watered with the blood of patriot and tyrants from time to time. The worst case scenario would be a military coup.

  10. obama impeachment from REAL AMERICANS!


    This is a call in radio station; The gentleman who calls in is a Brain Surgeon, who just left b.o.s administration regarding what ALL Brain Surgeons are to do when obamacare (KILL AMERICANS) comes into place…..scarey PLEASE PASS ON!

  11. I have been e-mailing my politicians to verify if Obama is a natural born citizens Also tell them that i support Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the cold case posse. McCain was verify in just a few days but has been over four years and Obama has stall his verification.
    We need to keep asking our politicians to do their job and obey the Constitution.

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