More Christians Killed As Pope Decries ‘Savage Acts Of Terrorism’ In Nigeria

Pope Benedict XVI SC More Christians Killed As Pope Decries ‘Savage Acts of Terrorism’ in Nigeria

( – Suspected Islamist terrorists killed 12 Nigerians celebrating Jesus’ birth, hours before Pope Benedict XVI, in his traditional Christmas Day message, spoke out against “savage acts of terrorism” mainly targeting Christians in Africa’s most populous country.

Gunmen shot dead six Christians and set fire to an evangelical church in the northern state of Yobe, police said. Wire reports said the pastor was among the dead in the midnight attack.

Separately, a Baptist church in neighboring Borno state was attacked. Nigeria’s The Nation said six church members were killed.

The attacks cap the bloodiest year yet in Boko Haram’s violent campaign against Christians, with more than 700 fatalities, according to the Christian Association of Nigerian-Americans. An Associated Press count puts the number at more than 770.

It was the third consecutive Christmas marred by terrorist attacks in Nigeria. On Christmas Day last year 44 Christians were killed in a series of attacks, most of them at a Catholic church near the capital, Abuja; On Christmas Eve 2010 the target was Christian areas of the central city of Jos, where at least 32 people were killed in three bombings.

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  1. while christians are being killed, not a peep out of obama.

  2. factnotrhetoric says:

    Sharia Law is the Evil, not terrorism or Nigerians.

    Nigeria is under Sharia Law, where it's legal, and sanctioned by the government, to burn Christian Churches and kill Christians in the street.

    Under Sharia Law the TOY SOLDIER DICTATOR can:
    1) March anyone who speaks out against the military down to the town square, play music, and lop off their heads. It's called Blasphemy and punishable by death.
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    3) Make any male citizen, over the age of 18, Jihad against Americans, and any other countries that don't have Sharia Law. Flying jets into the Twin Towers is sanctioned by the governments and military, and is legal.
    4) Make any male citizen, financially Jihad, hack and steal money from American Banks, Americans, the American Stock Market, the American Government and from any country that does not have Sharia Law.

    The UN, NATO and the War Machine put sharia law into the constitutions of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Tunisia, Kenya, Egypt, Malaysia and others. Now they want Sharia Law in Syria and Iran so TOY MILITARY DICTATORS can own their oil wells. These TOY SOLDIER DICTATORS only answer to the other TOY SOLDIER DICTATORS who now control the UN and NATO. If they don't share their Natural Resources with the other TOY SOLDIER DICTATORS, they know they will be overthrown like in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Kenya etc.

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