‘Moms Demand Action’ Protests Kroger’s Pro-Gun Store Policy

Photo credit: Media Nashville (Flickr)

As retailers across the U.S. capitulate to the demands of gun control activists by discouraging law-abiding citizens from bringing firearms into their stores, businesses that continue to support the Second Amendment are increasingly targeted by anti-gun groups.

Among the latest corporations to find itself in the crosshairs of one such organization, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, is the Kroger supermarket chain.

Following a number of open carry demonstrations at stores in Texas and Ohio, the Michael Bloomberg-supported group is calling for Kroger to ban guns at all of its stores nationwide.

“Kroger employees shouldn’t have to determine whether the person holding a gun in the frozen aisle is someone dangerous or someone making a political statement,” said organization spokesperson Erika Soto Lamb.

This high-pressure tactic has been effective when used against other businesses, including casual dining chain Chipotle, which was the site of similar demonstrations earlier this year. Nevertheless, the Huffington Post reports that Kroger shows no signs of giving into the group’s demand.

Corporate spokesperson Keith Dailey explained that the company develops its policy based on the provisions of the gun ordinances governing individual stores. He noted that Kroger has no plans to amend that process.

“Millions of customers are present in our busy grocery stores every day and we don’t want to put our associates in a position of having to confront a customer who is legally carrying a gun,” he explained. “We know that our customers are passionate on both sides of this issue and we trust them to be responsible in our stores.”

Moms Demand Action representatives, however, are decidedly less trusting of American gun owners. The group’s founder, Shannon Watts, sent Kroger CEO Michael Ellis a pointed letter urging him to reconsider.

She wrote that gun laws across much of the U.S. are “exceedingly lax,” lamenting the fact that “virtually anyone can openly carry a loaded gun” with them, including within a Kroger.

The group also documented several shootings that occurred near a Kroger in an apparent attempt to link the company’s policy with the criminal exploits of individuals nearby. Even the left-leaning Huffington Post concluded that it would be “impossible to say whether these incidents would have happened if Kroger were to advertise a no-gun policy.”

Writer Ben Hallman cited the oft-repeated argument among pro-gun advocates that “criminals are unlikely to abide by polite requests to leave their guns at home.”

While plenty of companies have already caved to the pressure exerted by Moms Demand Action and similar activist groups, only time will tell whether Kroger will follow suit or continue to operate according to state and local law.

Photo credit: Media Nashville (Flickr)

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