Momentum Shifts In Culture War


Photo credit: scismgenie (Creative Commons)

Americans in greater numbers are moving from alarmed to angry to seething over the culture war, a war that now escalates weekly.  It is a growing backlash against the Left and its ObamaNation, starting with the Tea Party in 2009.  It has been growing ever since despite massive efforts to destroy it through ridicule and IRS dirty tricks orchestrated by the administration.

In the coming year, it will intensify and erupt into action, at least at the polls, and in the fearful hearts of politicians found serving their own.  Already, they are running for cover as their president cowers behind horrendous poll numbers and palm trees.

Increasingly vicious provocations from the Left sparked this growing backlash.  It will become more inflamed as the provocations increase thanks to Obama’s continuing failures.  The more he fails, the more he demonizes the opposition, which only encourages it.  Already, fearing impeachment, the DNC is desperately trying to rally support, not for Obama’s agenda, but to save his bacon.

Cliff Kincaid recently called it the Counter Revolution, and it’s about time.  As Kincaid points out, near rage is being expressed about the unfolding disaster surrounding all aspects of the hilariously-named ‘Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act.’  Given massive support for “Duck Dynasty” against A&E and homosexual dictators, one might conclude Obama was right to fear gun-totin’ Bible thumpers.

Americans have had enough of being trashed by elitists on the Left.  They are tired of being accused of every vile thing—from being called racists every hour, to being cast as homophobic for being traditionalists, to suffering continuous attacks for being patriotic—then forced to listen to the likes of Bill Maher, Nancy Pelosi, and Chris Matthews as they issue one idiotic indictment after another.

If anything, most people in this country have been far too tolerant of the fools in our midst, people who worship Obama even as he destroys our economy and our security. Americans have been much too accommodating of every big mouth with a complaint and every freeloader with a demand.

We’ve reached the breaking point.  We are breaking with 60 years of secularism and socialism, the sexual revolution, perversion, and the permissive society.  And we are sensing the absolute requirement we fight back, if only to salvage what liberty is left.

A new day has arrived when we see a broad range of people coming together to condemn tyranny on the Left, including prominent Leftists voicing ardent opposition. Among them is Camille Paglia, a homosexual feminist finding fellowship with conservative agnostic Melanie Phillips, both decrying the rank dictatorship of the secularist mind resorting to the bayonet and the gunboat.

Equally compelling, the agreement between Vladimir Putin and Pat Buchanan: that toxic secularism and militant atheism are the problem, not Christianity.

When Americans are told to submit to Islam, embrace Sharia, and accommodate a president who funds terrorism, the time has come to offer aggressive resistance.

When Americans are told they will be banned from speaking freely about global warming, same sex marriage, multiculturalism, or matters of faith and freedom bound up in notions of a constitutional republic, it is time to confront, fight, and defeat the secular fascists trying to sledge-hammer us into submission.

When judges routinely overrule voters and dictate a distinctly anti-American agenda, it is time to engage this counter-revolution.

When government intervenes on behalf of special interests to force private citizens to violate conscience, a new declaration of independence is in order.

And when gross criminality and serial scandals involving people holding the highest offices are ignored, covered up, or neglected by law enforcement, the time has come for The People to take matters in hand, insisting our consent again be required for any governing authority to operate.

When a president and his cronies actively destroy both our economy and our civil liberties, that president has earned the right to be despised and deposed.

Photo credit: scismgenie (Creative Commons)



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  1. This is great and about time. I've been so fed up and this article brings hope. We all need something positive.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Power to the Tea Party may they continue to triumph over evil in this once great country. Stop people like Peter King, Obutthole.Schumer,Reid Poopalosi and others that want to turn this country into a socialist state.

  3. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    We need to start a revolution website. To pick a date and time to march on niggaland with pitchforks and ropes and take our country back, especially when elections have been proven to be corrupt!

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