Mobile App Aids Illegals Dodging Deportation

Illigal Aliens SC Mobile app aids illegals dodging deportation

Apparently unsatisfied with the blatant pandering illegal immigrants have received during the Obama regime, advocate group Own the Dream has recently unveiled a free smartphone application designed to help them avoid deportation.

Criminals engaged in the ongoing disregard of America’s immigration laws can now download the “Pocket DACA” app, packed with tips and tricks for navigating the path to legalization.

Aimed at so-called Dreamers, those who entered America illegally at a young age and meet certain other criteria, the app provides questions to determine a user’s eligibility in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. Announced by Obama a year ago and supported by many on his side of the aisle, this policy would provide nothing less than full American citizenship for certain illegals, allowing them to jump ahead of immigrants going about the process through proper channels.

The app not only helps users determine if they qualify for the program, but also directs them to free money with which to pay associated fees and provides tips for avoiding scams.

While one cannot fault developers for offering this app, considering it merely complements the current president’s policies, its existence highlights the insolence with which immigration reformers treat our laws and culture. Regardless of their background, these illegal immigrants are necessarily disregarding our laws each moment they remain in this country.

While they cannot be expected to learn the English language or in any other way assimilate into our common society, they find no shortage of assistance in their quest to nevertheless become “Americans.”

As unemployment remains at unacceptable levels and our porous southern border continues to stand largely unprotected, this administration chooses to respond by enticing even more illegals. Now there’s an app for that, too.
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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    If you made all these goody goody two shoes pay out of their pockets for these illegal alien lawbreakers you'd see how fat they'd be wanting them to go back to Mexico.They should be told to go to Chunky Schumer or John "the Rat"McCain estates to camp or any other illegal lover digs.

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