Mitt Romney’s Iowa “Win” was a Defeat

Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate for president that Barack Obama fears the most, won the Iowa caucus last night by eight votes over former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum. Both candidates ended up with about 25 percent of the vote, yet Romney’s campaign outspent Santorum in Iowa by a margin of around 100–1. A SuperPAC backing Romney had spent close to an additional $3 million in Iowa by the end of December, while one supporting Santorum spent a mere $347,000, according to the Des Moines Register.

How could Romney’s spending advantage and favorable polling results against Obama not have impressed Iowa Republicans enough to give him an indisputable victory? A big Iowa victory would have given him a stepping-stone to another victory in New Hampshire next week and a chance to try to “clear the field” of his remaining Republican rivals. But that didn’t happen in Iowa.

The reason is that 75 percent of Republican voters in numerous national polls are simply not interested in Mitt Romney. Those Republicans want a different candidate, one with a more conservative record. The Iowa results reflected that sentiment.

As one digs deeper into the Iowa tallies, it is clear that Mitt Romney is no stronger in 2012 than he was during his losing campaign for the Republican nomination in 2008. In 2008, Romney won 29,949 caucus votes, or 25.2 percent of the vote. At the time, it was seen as a disappointing result, because rival Mike Huckabee finished well above Romney, with 34.4 percent of the vote. Although Romney finished in first place last night by the thinnest of margins, his overall vote total of 30,015 — was just 66 votes more than he received in 2008 – and that was against what some pundits have referred to as a “weaker field of opponents” than he faces in this election.

Try as he may, Romney’s support repeatedly peaks at about 25 percent of the GOP. I fear that is not a marker of a candidate who can beat Barack Obama. Romney will need the enthusiastic support of Republicans to beat Obama in November. But if there is now any candidate who is destined to lose steam in the race for the presidency as a result of his tepid Iowa showing, it is not Mitt Romney.

In this sense, Romney was defeated last night.

Yet Romney was not a biggest loser last night. While Michele Bachmann’s campaign has been running on fumes for months now, and is simply going nowhere, the biggest loser last night was….

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  1. Are you kidding me??? Mitt Romney, according to the experts, was supposed to LOSE Iowa and only come in 3rd or 4th. Ron Paul or someone like him always wins Iowa. Iowans listen to the beat of their own drum and Mitt Romney is so mainstream that he didn’t even spend that much time or money there. This is a clear victory for Mr. Romney and everyone who wants to defeat Obama.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      I wouldn't call it a "win" if Romney gets the nomination. It will still be "status quo" just with a "Republican" on the tv.

  2. Romney may not be the poster child of all Republicans but, until then voters will wait and see who leads the pack regardless of the polling percentage points. Not all are happy about Romney but, will look at the alternatives and ask them selves who can beat Obama. The objective is to remove Obama before he completely destroy`s the Middle Class and puts America in a tailspin that is non recoverable. Romney will get the support of the Republicans and Independents when the time comes because those are the voters that really care about the future of the country.

  3. Bertsy K. Larsen says:

    I will vote for anyone who can possibly beat the current peice of muslime filth in office, and that is all there is to it. I have had more than my stomach can handle from this sorry trashy muslime son of a bitch to last me for the next however long I live. Enough is enough, and whoever runs against this thing in office, may God speed, and bless, and keep him. Plus, give them enough votes to take this seat of power, which he has abused since day one, from him, and get his nasty, half and half colored ass out of our capitol. And if the good Lord is good to us, he will go down in our history as the worst of all “presidents” ever, and maybe our children can read about him and his time of total war against the American people, and NEVER make the mistake that their parents made, by voting in something that only flaps the ears and lips, lying so well that idiots all over the nation beleive each lying word spoken by him or her!!! That is assuming that our children of the future, and our grandchildren, learn their history better than we ever did! Shame on us all for allowing this to happen to our nation!!!!!

  4. What difference does it make if you vote for the devil himself or just one of his henchmen and that's what Romney is. The country is in bad shape if either he or Obama gets elected. The only difference is the momentum of the downward slide. Also anyone who believes in Mormonism has faulty thought processes.

  5. The liberal press is showing their true colors again, as they attempt to portray Romney as the candidate of choice to carry the Republican banner. Problem is that he isn't. Romney like McCain is the weakest choice that could be fielded by the Republicans to face obama next fall, and they know it. His numbers in Iowa did not make him a winner, Sanitorium, who has never ran a national campaign, numbers made Romney the loser. Romney just has to much baggage to maintain any forward momentum in the Republican primary, much to the demise of the rino Republicans and the liberal press.

    • It's just media doing their propagnada job, recognize for the facts they miss. They want you to allow the two corrupt party heAds, Bilderberg members, the propagnad media to sway your thoughts so you don't uprise. You better seriouly get ready.

  6. Personally I believe Mitt Romney to be a politician's politician. Whatever direction the winds blows that's the direction old Mitt will be going. I must confess when I was in school I failed to study politics closely. However since then I've have had to figure out how to survive here in America. Back in the mid to late 60's, if anyone out there can relate to those pages we learned that mobs were always controlled by loud mouths. Once a mob begins to gained momentum others join in and losing all individual personality control in the process. America is like a mob and the media's are the loud mouths. Individually we should not pay close attention to any one media source. We must know that each one of them represent what they believe and want you to believe …not necessarily what we believe. We should strive to retain our individual beliefs. We should stand against the opposition of our conscientiousness and support our own. Almost everyone in America know what the last 3 years of leadership has produced and we continue to allow a few to change our lives for worst. VOTE YOUR GUTS AND NOT WHAT IS POPULAR. This my friends I believe is the only genuine cure for us and our country. Ronnie

  7. John Leonard says:

    The only one speaking the truth is Ron Paul. He cannot be bought. The Washington insiders and the major media hate him. That should tell you something right there.

  8. Seeks_the_truth says:

    If Romney becomes the Republican candidate, I won't have anyone to give my vote to for president.
    Romney – Obama I really can't tell the difference between the two……

    Romney is like the weather in Chicago, just wait a few minutes and it will change….

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