Watch: In Just 39 Seconds, Mitt Romney Made Hillary Look Like The Worst Secretary Of State Ever


In a shortsighted foreign policy that has since earned the likely 2016 presidential contender significant criticism, Hillary Clinton brought a big red ‘reset’ button along with her to a 2009 meeting with Russia’s foreign minister. Meant to signify a new era of civility between the two nations, hostility between the U.S. and Russia has increased precipitously over the past several months.

Nonetheless, Business Insider points out that Clinton continued to defend the photo opportunity as recently as last month.

Asserting that the “reset worked,” the former secretary of state described her ploy as “an effort to try to obtain Russian cooperation on some key objectives while [Dmitry] Medvedev was president.”

For Mitt Romney, who warned of the threat Russia potentially posed to the U.S. as a presidential candidate in 2012, Clinton’s move only exasperated a situation already being mishandled by Barack Obama.

In a recent Fox News interview, Romney addressed his growing concerns with host Megyn Kelly.

He concluded that Obama “underestimated Russia” and lambasted Clinton’s approach.

“This whole reset policy with Hillary Clinton, smiling ear to ear, pressing a red reset button,” he said, “I think is one of the most embarrassing incidents in American foreign policy.”

He expressed criticism that went beyond the administration’s position regarding Russia.

“I can’t begin to explain the president’s foreign policy,” he said.

In light of Clinton’s public statement opposing Obama’s stance on international issues, Romney wondered how a woman who served as his secretary of state could feasibly remove herself from such decisions.

“I think it’s interesting that she tries to distance herself from the president’s foreign policy,” he said, “given the fact that she was his secretary of state for four years.”

While Clinton attracted backlash from Romney and other Republicans for what struck many as the politically motivated move to disavow Obama’s policies, leftist groups also slammed her statement as being too hawkish.

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  1. Our foreign policy especially towards Russia is ridiculous to say the least! The Russian premier who is as crooked as a snake hates Obama and won’t think twice pushing right overtop of that moron and doing whatever he pleases. Obama doesn’t have the American peoples back, he would likely sell us down the river as he as already shown to do, this is without a doubt going to turn into WW3 vs Russia especially with that BONEHEAD in charge! I’m going to pray as I suggest you do as well that things can be kept on simmer until next President comes in and hopefully he won’t be scared of Putin and put his foot right up that rootskis hind tail!

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