Minister Celebrates “Morally Good” Abortions

Photo credit: NCinDC (Creative Commons)

While America’s leftward societal slide has ushered in a disturbing acceptance of abortion, certain segments of the population continue to firmly stand up for the unborn. Among these pro-life activists are millions whose belief in the sanctity of life is guided by their faith in God.

Unfortunately, our culture of death has even permeated throughout some Christian denominations. A recent example of this immoral trend is found in an opinion article published in the Huffington Post.

Written by Donna Schaper, a United Church of Christ minister, the article insinuates that expectant mothers can actually perform the will of God by killing their unborn children. Somehow, she is able to reconcile this barbaric belief with the Holy Bible’s imperative against murder.

“What is it about women that the religious right can’t tolerate?” she wrote, purposefully obfuscating the conservative argument against abortion. If men were able to bear children, those with a faith-based aversion to the murderous act would be just as vehemently opposed to it.

Schaper contended that abortion “can be a highly moral choice for a woman,” which should be enough to prompt any so-called church to send her packing. Unfortunately, leftist propaganda has replaced scriptural guidance in too many American houses of worship.

The author continued by trashing Hobby Lobby, a Christian-owned retail chain that has been at the forefront of ObamaCare’s employer mandate requiring abortion coverage in approved healthcare plans.

“It is sad as well to see the constant struggle – now initiated by a toy and hobby company – about women being choice making human beings,” she wrote. It appears that our nation has entered a bizarre realm in which the business world offers greater moral guidance than those tasked with spreading God’s word.

Of course, the vast majority of Christian leaders are righteously opposed to the abhorrent practice of abortion. Still, to the casual observer, arguments made by the likes of Schaper can form a false impression of what it means to follow Christ.

She claimed women can “have morally good abortions because we are human beings, with God-given rights to human agency, just like men.” Her gender warfare rhetoric notwithstanding, this baseless assertion alleges that God actually approves of the destruction of babies formed in His image. Castigating those who advocate “[m]andatory childbearing,” Schaper said that proponents of life are responsible for making “the woman a hostage to the will of others….”

Those called into ministry must be held uniquely accountable for their presentation of God’s instruction. As Schafer and her ilk continue to bastardize the Holy Bible with their own radical views on abortion, they will not only face the indignation of true believers, but will face judgment for their actions upon leaving this world.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo credit: NCinDC (Creative Commons)

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