Military Mocks Obama Birth Certificate Fraud

Birth Cert

US military spokesman Lt. Col. J. Todd Breasseale, blew off a legitimate editor’s query concerning analysis of the “computer generated forgery” posted online by the White House as being mere nonsense.  “We can only assume that your query is not a legitimate question and is some sort of nonsensical joke,” Breasseale commented via Email to Sharon Rondeau, editor of The Post & Email.   He is calling her very reasonable inquiry nothing more than a web “absurdity”.  “We are happy to consider reality-based requests, but do not entertain absurdities from the web,” replied “Todd” in an insulting try at familiarity.

When Editor Rondeau replied, “It is absolutely not a joke,” the military mouthpiece came back with merely, “noted,” to her follow up question about the military’s possible analysis of the Obama birth certificate image posted online by someone in or representing the White House on April 27, 2011, as well as the Obama Selective Service registration. “Why has that not been done?” Rondeau asked Public Affairs officer Lt. Col. Catherine Wilkinson who evidently passed off this inquiry to Breasseale.  So much for that; our military “has remained silent” says the CT editor of The Post & Email.

Meanwhile, the 69 page affidavit of lead investigator Mike Zullo is filed as evidence in the Alabama Supreme Court’s review of findings by a lower court which also tossed inquiry into authenticity of the WH computer image. The Zullo court document reads, at point # 26: “All in attendance agreed unanimously that the WH computer image, pdf file contained anomalies that were un-explainable unless the document had been fabricated piecemeal by human intervention, rather than being copied from a genuine paper document”.  Zullo is presenting the results of months of investigation by the Sheriff Arpaio forensic team into the nine layered computer image put on the official WH website.  The team of long time forensic and law enforcement investigators, retired military members, physicians, and computer CEO’s and attorneys concluded “the certificate of live birth. . .is not a scan of an original paper birth certificate.”

The Zullo affidavit presents to the court this statement: “fabricated forgery-violation of the AZ criminal statue and the federal statues…may have taken place.”  The Arpaio team is calling for a full blown Congressional investigation as the nation awaits the decision of the Alabama Supreme Court.  At point # 35 is this lightening bolt: “It was now demonstrated beyond probable cause that the WH website document was an utter forgery.”  The forensic team suggests that crimes may involve “fraudulent creation of an official document, forgery of a governmental birth record, and deception of voters and state election commissioners across the country.”   In total, 207 points of assertion are contained in the Zullo sworn statement.  In spite of the fact that SEVENTEEN different records never have been released by President Barack Obama, (at point # 207), the military spokesman known as “Todd,” along with the mainstream media, Congress, and nationwide elected officials continue to ignore what is going on in the Alabama Supreme Court proceedings.

Perhaps most troubling is the fact that the Obama passport records have never been released to the American public, nor have the incoming INS foreign flight passenger cards for the Obama birth week of August 2, 1961, ever been found!  The Zullo investigators say in their court evidentiary document that these flight manifest identifications are “completely missing from the microfilm roll” of the INS.

Web absurdities, anomalies, a nine page computer generated forgery?  Will we every know?

Photo Credit:  Standard Compliant

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  1. Well, sure he would say that. He can't say anything else or he would be kicked out of the military.

    • Robert Blomberg says:

      As a former member of the military, I would remind all military members to remember the oath they swore: to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign or domestic. It’s not being done: Obama’s still in control. Anyone who defends him is an enemy of America.

  2. that would be a completely appropriate response to racist birther nonsense.

    • Robert Blomberg says:

      Warbler, you’re just a little warped for your own good.

    • Here we go with the racist crap again. But I'll bet you never did download the allegedly original birth certificate from the White House website, or you don't have the intelligence to understand that a scanned PDF document does not contain layers. Pure and simple. A true scanned document can not be broken down into layers even with the aid of Illustrator software. True PDF's do not contain cells unless the software has been setup to accommodate them and what would the purpose be for doing that? Never mind the fact that the information provided on the certificate is erroneous on several levels. So much so in fact that one would have to believe it was done intentionally in order to see just how much garbage the American people will swallow. It would have been very easy to forge a document and then scan it in the correct manner but this was done so as to make a point as I have already stated. Thanks for the racist mantra however you didn't let us down.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      Only appropriate from an bigoted, obot sheeple defending the indefensible. Anyone who checks the facts will see the fraud for what he is.

      • …… Yes, mountains of proof including both he and his wife having their law licenses pulled also covered up by the press. Wart hog is stuck on hold from his Obama phone and hasn't gotten a signal yet for six years. The old by gone race card trick replayed is a fools game and a as dead ended as the sorrowful ruination that looks like Detroit and present day Chicago . The black racist that led these areas turned them into cesspools through fraud, bribes greed and thievery feeding off this rot for decades, for votes and turning poor neighborhood into ghettos.
        . Wart Hob will never own up to how his prince of darkness has betrayed him. That's what's so sorrowful. What is far more meaningful are the Black Conservative leadership that have filed for impeachment proceeding against Barry.

    • Real original. Polly want a cracker?
      Oh, no. Don't get up. I can see you can't be bothered to actually counter the case being leveled against Obama. I can clearly see you can't handle the truth, therefor you have to throw insults at it and hope it goes away. According to your logic, Obama can't possibly be illegitimate because he's half black. So, we should just go along and let him do what ever he wants. Nah, we can't possibly have grievances against another human being that just so happens to hide behind the pigment of his skin. We must be crazy to demand real answers. Yep, that's it. We're all crazy because we don't believe this guy is legitimate. So, your logic dictates that if I just asked Obama for directions, the proper response is to insult, ridicule, belittle me and call me a racist. Don't even bother telling me why I shouldn't be asking him for directions. Just tell me I'm stupid for even daring to try.
      Here, why don't you dress in feathers and coo like a pigeon already? I don't think Obama has enough of you around. I'll be busy calculating how many IQ points you've lost, but I may need a more advanced calculator.

    • Linda From NY says:

      Hey warbler,
      why do morons like you always play the race card? this is not about race, this is about Obama's failed record of 5 LONG YEARS of his bad and failed policies.

      Are you blind to see Obama's failures? over 100 millions of Americans jobless and living in poverty while this loser Obama stealing from the American people and giving billions of our money to the muslim brotherhood and the theft goes on and on

  3. oldgringo says:

    Puzzling that no one in our government seems to care if Obama's BC is a forgery or not…What king of people have we elected as our leaders who have sworn to protect this country and for all which it stands…Disheartedly our leaders care not about the supreme law of this land…The United States Constitution…As Rep. Charles Wrangle once said "We don't pass laws in this county based on the US Constitituion!

    • They are are ball less, scum that calls them selves politicians. I wonder about the law enforcement that surrounds the skum, how can anybody that has a heart, protect these shills. What do they see when they look into the mirror each morning, and justify guarding these wimps that would sacrifice them for what, so they can go on to be worse than yesterday. The day comes when they answer to GOD, and he asks"what did you do today to protect my people, I would like to know.

    • I think more accurately, no one in government is stupid enough to fall for the rumors that Obama's birth certificate is a forgery. Normal people can see that all the so-called evidence of forgery proves nothing but the incompetence of the people advancing the theories.

  4. only joke is the so-called military following a shill….. jokes on U clowns now go find a real job… & don't repeat the lie about we @ War… that's a real joke…:P

  5. ROY MALLMANN says:

    I have seen all of the evidence as to the forged "Certificate of Live Birth", the forged date on the Selective Service Card, as well as the Fraudulent Social Security Card that Mr. Obama is using. What is proper is to make a list of every person, such as this Todd Braesille and include them in the lawsuit as complicit in the coverup. After all they are accessories after the fact in the cover-up and will receive jail time. These liberal Democrats are operating with impunity not realizing that their house of cards is collapsing around them. How many cabinet members and politicians are willing to go to jail over these cover-ups. Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton were not impeached over the deed but the cover-up. (I realize the impeachments never went to trial for all you liberals out there). If Holder's Articles of Impeachment goe through, watch out!

    • Sic Semper Tyrannis says:

      Actually, Harry Reid just invoked the "nuclear option" in the Senate such that judges and more czars and yes a new Attorney General to replace Holder can slide right on through like an assembly line along with numerous regulations. This was surely done to protect the regime.

    • They are not only accessories after the fact, but all including all federal law enforcement agencies are involved in this cover up, otherwise they would be arresting this MF. In essence, they are all AIDING AND ABETTING a felon, which in turn makes them felons.

  6. I can just see after his term in office is over, that he turns and laughs at us, for not having the ability to bring his records to closure and get the right answers. And so far he is winning and can continue to ignore all charges.

  7. mrshinola says:

    Sounds to me that Lt. Col. J. Todd Breasseale has passed the Obama litmus test for longevity to serve. This will someday come back to bite him. Trust me. mrshinola

  8. A while back, on one of the column comment sections concerning what the nutbrain in our Whitehouse was doing to the military, I stated that if those officers who were dumped by obama, got together, they would make a power weapon against the insanity of the moron!!. They could tie him in knots with ease. I still feel that way too.

    • gEORGE Bush says:

      Go man go!!!

    • Sic Semper Tyrannis says:

      I am still waiting for an American Valkyrie, but if they hadn't done it prior to getting fired by the Usurper, I doubt they'll ever do it, even now when they have all the time in the world to plot it.

    • Sic Semper Tyrannis says:

      Where were these bastards when LtC Terry Lakin was being thrown to the wolves??? Pursuing their illustrious buttkissing careers, their oaths be damned!!!

  9. It's a real stretch to call Sharon Rondeau a "legitimate editor." She's more a blogger running an antique version of WordPress, that charges to access her web site. Orly Taitz has a much higher web site ranking.

    • Sharon Rondeau is many times over more a legitimate editor than Barack Obama is a legitimate president.

      • I give you credit for a snappy reply, not true, but snappy.

        BTW, any failure to respond on my part at Birther Report is because I am banned.

        • I give you credit for a response, unsubstantiated, but a response.

          FYI: You earned banishment at Birther Report.

          • A more substantial response would have pointed out the comparative web rankings between Sharon Rondeau's Post & Email with Orly Taitz'sblog (which anybody would rightly call a disaster both visually and in the lack of original content). Taitz' ranking is 4 times better according to Rondeau hasn't learned the most basic skill of journalism–fact checking.

            Birthers play at being journalists, image analysts, law enforcement and jurors. It's fine for them to play seriously, but they should not expect anyone else (like the US Army) to take their role playing seriously.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      I agree with Racer and as far as you I'll bet when that so called reporter Dan rather came out with that story about Bush you were salvating at the mouth.Rather was a cheap blogger only at the time he was revered by the liberal democraps

      • Actually, I didn't pay any attention to the Rather story at the time. The first time i heard about the letter was in the context of it being debunked. My only interest in it was from the point of view of the role of citizen journalists.

        I was not able to make any sense out of your last sentence.

        I continue to be amazed at the wild stories people spin on the Internet about people they know virtually noting about me.

        • It is all Bush Fault says:

          who side are you on? are you for America? or for this buffoon in the white house

        • Edwardkoziol says:

          My last sentence was that when Dan Rather was trying to bring down Bush as a liar all you heard on TV & radio was how great Rather was without checking to see if he(Dan) was telling the truth or just fabricating it to score points.All liberal ran with the Rather lies and when proven false no apologize were sent to Bush because they were upset that it wasn't true.You called Rondeau a blogger well that is what I feel Rather is.Hope this clears up my last sentence.

          • OK, thanks. I personally didn't say or do anything about the faux Bush letter until after it was disclosed that it was a fake, rather quickly as I recall. The things that bothered me about Bush were things he unquestionably did in office.

            Dan Rather was the anchor of the CBS evening news. That is not a blogger in any sense of the word — hence my confusion.

  10. The story of OBAMA not a naturalized citizen is still hanging around. Which means the case hasn't been solved yet. Hopefully, someday there will be an answer. and If it's true this president is not an American citizen then a complete top to bottom investigation must move forward. We could be opening up a very large can of worms here. And frankly, it wouldn't surprise me at all, if we found out some extraordinary secrets of this his mysterious past.

    • gEORGE Bush says:

      I say we oust him now and any law or ex. order be abolished as well. We can all tell he is against America, and now putting jews at risk I say the end time is here! Thanks to barry. The Muslim jerk off.

  11. warbler ::
    If this were the only thing about Mr. Fraud [aka 'Barack Obama'], it would be enough in itself to flush him from the system. What he has done, along with his collaborators, is far worse than who or what he is.

    The protection against this kind of assault of tyrants on America were the most significant parts of the Constitution thrown out or ignored first.
    oolng people some of the time is what gave us FDR too; who (more than slightly toasted) is laughing in our faces from the a flaming graveyard in hell. Hopefully to be joined soon by this spawn.
    Enough of this louse. Anyone who cannot see through him just doesn't want to — I guess that's real fear.
    And the Racist grab-line is the flag-ship of the most base common fraud of imposed guilt for manipulation, not worthy of discussion.
    Just don't try to tell me he is a victim of society and we are all at fault beside.
    I'm even fed up with such preoccupation with this POS.

  12. Puddentain says:

    Now it becomes evident why Obama is replacing anyone with the balls to speak out against him. And have sat idly by and watched it happen. We had better hope there isn't a bigger initiative underway here such as the continuation of his leadership by bypassing the Constitution. OR at the very least, stealing another election by another Democratic candidate.

  13. Diana Buckingham says:

    Lets make Obama show all the documents he has paid soo much money to hide. If only the truth will come out,then let all America see it. We will see all his student loans(foreign exchange student) why he lost or whatever to his law license (and his wife also) All his close friends- all are bad buddies even Wright,and again in Wrights church all tjhose years Obama never heard one of those horrific sermons??? He never is aware what goes on aroun him, he reads things in the papers ,why should he sit in the presidents seat ????
    Lets get all his hidden psper work out in the open and let America decide once and for all.
    P.S. he has done more to devide our nation then anyone else ever came close to doing. Impeach him.

    • I have never found anyone who could document one penny spent by Obama to hide any documents. I've been asking for 5 years.

      Obama didn't lose his law license. He's in inactive status because he's not practicing law currently. He is eligible to return to active status any time he wants, according to the Illinois Bar.

  14. Me thinks the LT Col protests too much!

  15. Urbisoler says:

    How is it that the respondents on this web site simply cannot avoid playing the race card? Asking if a birth certificate is legitimate is not racist. The media studiously avoided vetting Obama as a Presidential candidate. Those questioning his credentials are only doing what the media, et al, refused to do. Obama got a free pass to the Presidency. Even the Clintons know that much. Accountability is non-existent in the Progressive lexicon.

    • What I think is hilarious, is the fact that it was the Clinton's who started the "Birther" movement (yes, I believe Obama is a fraud, especially since to be a "Natural Born Citizen" requires 2 things….1) Jus Soli – Citizenship by country of Birth 2) Jus Sanguinis – Citizenship based on the blood of BOTH Parents Citizenship at the time of Birth. Since Obama only had 1 U.S. Citizen Parent, whether he was born in Kenya, Saudi Arabia, or the U.S. is moot, and doesn't meet the requirements of a "Natural Born Citizen either way!!)
      Oh, but how the "Progressives" forget about the Clinton's starting the whole thing

  16. I have wondered about this matter for just about the last time. There is evidence piled on top of evidence on top of more evidence that the fool on the hill is a fake, a fraud and a usurper, yet nobody will do a single solitary thing in rebuttal !?!?!?!? My bottom line question is WHY ? Is America being held hostage about this ? Has CONgress been bribed into keeping silent ? Was John Roberts threatened or was his family threatened ? America has been toying with this for almost 6 years now. Already severe damage has been done to our nation and the longer it's allowed to continue things will be set in place that can't be undone. I once heard that if OHOMO was removed from office there were be riots beyond control. Remove his sorry ass from office and let WE THE PEOPLE deal with rioters. This nation is being set up for a huge fall. We MUST intervene NOW ! As the Orientals say about talk…"Talk doesn't grow rice." It's time to act. America is being run by a band of thieves that makes the Mafia look like a group of choir boys. We had better stop this madness now !

    • The hill is a fake, and it should be obvious from the utter implausibility of what you yourself describe must be happening for it to be true.

      I would also point out that nothing is being allowed to continue, but a bunch of conspiracy theorists gabbing on the Internet. This talk of apocalypse and rioting and who knows what has been going on for 5 years now, and none of it has happened, all the predictions fizzled. the Country is muddling along as it always has. The country doesn't live or die according to who is in the White House.

      Here's my collection of 200 items from the hill, soundly debunked.

  17. bobby90247 says:

    Contrary to "whatever" source wants to attempt to confirm this certificate as being real, I DO know a way in which it can be verified, "beyond-the-shadow-of-a-doubt" and it this debate forever! Of course, I will NOT reveal the way in which this can be done as it "could" be subverted by the "agencies" once known.

    AND even then, it would be very difficult to completely falsify the data!

    Eh! I guess that a couple of hundred years in the future we "might" find the truth…if anyone really cares by then?

  18. All ypu need to do is go to you tube..type in Muslim Obama you need to look for it. He was asked back in 1991″why don’t you run for president. He said i can’t because I’ m not from here.”. I seen it myself .. Impeach that fraud now before he and all those liberals destroy out Great country. Can’t wait for the 2014 elections

    • Kali, the congress fears the black caucus, and the 47% . Only a true Patriot could end this crap that is happening in the US today.

    • Your Obama quote is not authentic. If you saw it in a YouTube video, it was a fake. There are several altered videos of Obama on YouTube. Some are labeled as spoofs, and some are not.

  19. Sic Semper Tyrannis says:

    The Provost Marshal of the US Army should arrest Obama right now for usurping the Presidency and impersonating the Commander-in-Chief of the US Armed Forces if he really meant it when he swore his oath to defend the Constitution!!!

  20. Robert Miller says:

    Obama has been a fraud from day 1. Never voted for a thing as a state legislator, has done nothing but community organizing, voted present as a U.S. Senator. His track record for 5 years in office is failure after failure, both domestically & foreign policy is a disaster. He portrays himself as super intelligent, yet he has populated his administration with absolute losers from top to bottom. He's a fraud, a loser, & badly needs to be impeached!

    • gEORGE Bush says:

      And hung in public!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      The only thing he got going for him is that he is in love with himself.Robert your right he thinks of himself as the second coming of Christ.This jig knows everything but the IRS,Fast & Furious,Benhgazi and things of importance.

  21. We don't need to know all of whats been fabricated – what we do know without a shadow of doubt is theres a fraud imposter socialist in the oval office claiming to be an American citizen when clearly he is'nt – Zullo/Arpaio have proven beyond a shadow of any reasonable doubt theres a fraud usurper in the oval office that needs to be removed immediately – Any other Government official not recognizing this and acting accordingly to remove soetoro is complicit –

  22. Sic Semper Tyrannis says:

    In addition to Obama's lack of bonafides, it has come out recently that a simple search on of his daughters' birth certificates reveals absolutely NOTHING is there!!! As a test , Dr. Orly Taitz, the Birther attorney, ran a search on Jenna Bush and she was able to get everything! There is a possibility they were adopted from Morocco.

    • Anybody who has actually used (and I have) knows that on the public family trees, children are not shown in the public view. I can see my kids, but you can't.

      Taitz is an idiot.

      • Sic Semper Tyrannis says:

        Thanks for that tidbit. I have never used that site, but that does stand to reason. Taitz is not an idiot. She is a human being and occasionally subject to getting the wrong information as any human being might on occasion, but her work on the Birth Certificate, his bogus SSN, and his Selective Service registration and Postal fraud are dead on target. Your ad hominem does you no service if you can't back it up.

        • Off hand, I can't think of anything Taitz actually did herself–her stuff is all copied from other people. Basically she just turns other peoples' theories into ineptly prosecuted lawsuits (she has lost them all and been sanctioned 3 times).

          There is absolutely nothing valid in the complaints about the birth certificate, social-security number, and selective service registration (which I should point out was released by the Bush administration).

          Here are 200 of the birther crank ideas debunked:

  23. We know. We refuse to act. We hope beyond hope that someone else will do our job for us, namely the representatives we elected. Fire the foreman; if you want anything done right you gotta __ __ ________.

  24. I wouldnt have an issue with anyone / any entity were they to terminate the socialist POS. With extreme prejudice!
    Pelosi, feinstein, dodd and frank, al sharpton and jesse jackson…..Bush too for being an idiot, and one for big govt as well.
    Is this really the best this country has? We are being lead to slaughter by moral ineptitude by this administration and the idiots before it.

  25. Edwardkoziol says:

    It matters about him being a legit president but nothing will happen because your branded a racist even thoughhe isn't a true sand monkey.

  26. gEORGE Bush says:

    Get rid of this jerk. He is living a dream of welfare enhanced!!! I hate the mfer. voting is rigged too.
    Close the borders, get rid of illegals and douse the sitting in the wrong place faggot, And we will be Americans again. With jobs and freedom again.

  27. dragonfFIRE01 says:

    what are lt. Col Breaseale's and Lt Col Catherine Wilkinson's true allegiance? to the US Constitution and this country or are they Obama's fools

  28. Joan Neel says:

    Obama has been firing Generals and other leaders of our military and replacing them with liberals who support his Agenda. He now has the CIA, IRS, Homeland Security, Pentagon, Supreme Court, Justice Department, Senate and the Main Stream Press all covering for his agenda and his lies about Benghazi, Obamacare, spying on our cell phones and Internet. They aren't admitting to the Fema camps they have set up, to force everyone who refuses to give up their only means of protection against terrorists, their guns, and anyone who speaks out against Obama's Socialist/Communist agenda.

  29. liberty49 says:

    I don't think we will ever know the truth about Obama because too many of our government officials are 'in' on the 'fix' as well as too many serving on the lower courts.

  30. Gilberto Garcia says:

    People, think you can't be born twice, he can't be Berry Soto and also, Obama. he lied about being a an American to get into a Univeraty, to dumd to get in with his real name, What ever it is.

  31. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Bama better hurry up before Obliar wastes trillions more taxpayer’s money, or they kill him!

  32. mutantone says:

    and still the distraction continues while the Obama regime cleans out the Military, ruins the economy bankrupts the nation and surrenders our values to the Communist-Marxist and the Muslim Brotherhood agenda.
    all the while Obama continues his agenda to ruin the Nation till it is less than a third rate nation in the world and makes a worthless agreement with Iran that allows them to continue their weapons build up with continued funding from the world.

  33. I won't insult REAL MILITARY MEMBERS by using this ASSHOLES RANK—and BTFW ASSHOLE I OUT RANK YOU— J. Todd Breasseale YOU are a total DISGRACE and INSULT to any and ALL MEMBERS of our armed forces—-WE know that ALL of the TRASH ARABS DOCUMENTS are forged and PHONY—-
    I don't know what OATH YOU TOOK ASSHOLE but I and many other OFFICERS TOOK This one—


    I, [state your name], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend
    the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic;
    that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation
    freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well
    and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter.
    So help me God.

    An officer of the United States military, upon accepting a commission to serve his
    country, recites the above oath and obligates himself to support and defend the Constitution of
    the United States.=== Interestingly, the oath of office does not directly bind the officer to defense of
    the US government, nor to protection of those in power, or to defense of US property or territory.===

    Rather, it requires devotion to ideals and ideas of freedom, it expects loyalty and assumes freely
    given allegiance, and it demands sincere effort. In each of these respects oe all of them general in
    nature oe the claim made on the officer is both noble and reasonable.

    Careful examination of the oath‘s wording, however, suggest that there is one aspect of the
    oath that should give all officers pause. Specifically, the words that identify two types of
    enemies that might pose a threat to the Constitution —enemies, foreign and domestic“ raise
    the issue of what constitutes a domestic threat to the Constitution.

    and BTFW–a little INTEL goes along way—

    Barack Hussein Obama is not half black. He is the first Arab-American President, not the first black President. Barack Hussein Obama is 50% Caucasian from his mother’s side and 43.75% Arabic and 6.25% African Negro from his father’s side. While Barack Hussein Obama’s father was from Kenya , his father’s family was mainly Arabs.. Barack Hussein Obama’s father was only 12.5% African Negro and 87.5% Arab (his father’s birth certificate even states he’s Arab, not African Negro).

    OBAMA also said–I Never Practiced Islam – RECORDS SHOW, HE practiced it daily at school, where you were registered as a Muslim and kept that faith for 31 years, until your wife made you change, so you could run for office.

    FYI—my rank is O-6—and for 15 years out of 40–AN INTEL OFFICER and OPERATOR—


  35. It's time this man is taken out Of the white house. Then this traitor, fraud terriest should be jailed of better yet executed.

  36. anonymous says:

    Obama's birth certificate is chock full of anachronisms. It's an impossibility! It's like a "real" colored picture of Jesus Christ carrying an IPAD. It's impossible!

  37. anonymous says:

    Or better yet . . It's like getting a copy of Leonardo Devinci's Birth Certificate, that happens to be "TYPED ON A COMPUTER"! and the MSM insists it's real! GMAB (Give me a break)

  38. we the people,who are the real government.ok we all know ovomit/satan is an ineligible treasonous war crimes muslum traitor.and we know mr politicans are all in on it,with a very few exceptions,and the lame stream medias are all bought and paid for.we can expect no help from most politicans,medias.ok we get that,now we have the talking parts well covered,now lets get the walking part well covered,we have been to 4 rallys in 7 months.from albanys guns across America,to the audit the feds rally,and the truckers ride for the constitituion,and the last one was larry klaymans rally in Washington on 11/19/ we are trying to get the groups,wayne-nra,amac/john birch society/all militias/all legal American gun groups/owners/truckers/bikers/the impeachovomit overpass gather under one giant freedom not a revolution an evolution of we the people.god bless sheriff joe and cold case posse,chuck Norris,frank serpico,and all legal American veternas/citizens

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