Military Announces New Development In Bergdahl Case

As Western Journalism reported, a number of military officials have confirmed the U.S. Army will investigate the circumstances surrounding Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s 2009 disappearance in Afghanistan. After he was returned in a highly contested exchange with the Taliban last month, several of Bergdahl’s fellow soldiers maintained he deserted his platoon during a time of war before enemy combatants held him hostage for five years.

The Army released a statement Monday detailing its position, explaining Maj. Gen. Kenneth R. Dahl will be taking the lead in the ensuing investigation.

According to the report, such approaches “are not uncommon and serve to establish the facts on the ground following an incident.”

An officer whose experience includes military action in Afghanistan, Dahl will be assigned the task of determining what, if any, role Bergdahl’s reported desertion played in his subsequent capture by Taliban forces.

“The primary function of this investigation,” the Army statement concluded, “as in any other investigation, is to ascertain facts and report them to the appointing authority.”

At this point, military officials confirm they are primarily interested in assisting Bergdahl in his continuing recovery. As soon as his “reintegration team clears such an interaction,” the statement indicates investigators will begin interviewing him directly.

The Army’s investigation will consider documentation going back to the initial report by his platoon indicating that he was missing. No specifics regarding the timeline or scope of its inquiry have been established.

Bergdahl’s release has sparked criticism beyond allegations that he is a deserter or even a traitor. Barack Obama’s unilateral decision to release five dangerous terrorists from Guantanamo Bay in a trade with the Taliban has been widely condemned for its perceived impropriety and illegality.

Obama himself signed a law requiring him to notify Congress at least 30 days before releasing a prisoner from the facility.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    I'll tell you what before this is over Ratface Birdahl will become an american hero and Sambo will be hanging all kinds of medals on him.Those that knew he was a deserter will end up being the bad guys.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Even if Dirty Dingy Harry would never force that ugly monkey Holder to investigate the hemshine president.Lets face we're toast until the public through the media demands it.You also know John Boner wouldn't challenge Obutholoe he'd loose his golf cart driving priviledges.

  3. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Obama’s destructive binge is in such high gear now that he is committing an impeachable offense a week. Start the hearings now before the fish gets off the hook

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