Middle-Schooler Suspended For Saving Her Friend’s Life

The horror stories resulting from public school ‘zero-tolerance’ polices have abounded in recent years. Students with absolutely no intent of causing any trouble have been sent home for lengthy punishments for even the slightest infraction.

A story out of Virginia Beach, however, set a new level of absurdity for our current educational system’s infatuation with draconian punishment.

A sixth grade student who realized her classmate had a razor blade and was preparing to slice his own wrists intervened in time to save the boy’s life. Local reports indicate Adrionna Harris stepped in, grabbed the blade, and immediately tossed it in the trash.

“I was just trying to help,” she said. “I didn’t like flash it or wave it at anyone. I took it and threw it away.”

School administrators, however, were apparently unable to channel even a modicum of common sense in their response. Harris received a 10-day suspension because – for a matter of seconds immediately after saving a child’s life – she was in possession of the razor blade.

If she had gone through the approved channels, a suicidal boy would have been left unsupervised with the blade literally against his wrists.

“There was not a teacher in sight while this boy was cutting himself,” Harris’ mother explained. “She felt like it was almost like a 911 situation that she had to help immediately – like there wasn’t time to find a teacher.”

The young girl seems to be the only person involved in the situation with a firm grasp on reality. She noted that, even understanding the punishment she would face, she would not have changed a thing.

“Even if I did get in trouble,” she affirmed, “it didn’t matter as long as I am helping him.”

In fact, she would have likely skirted punishment altogether if she hadn’t been honest enough to share the incident with school staff.

The backlash against the decision, sparked by a local television news station, resulted in the school reconsidering the punishment. Harris has now been welcomed back into the school; however, it strikes many as unconscionable that it took a prominent media report to elicit the change of heart.

“We are happy about this,” her father confirmed, “but we are still fighting to make sure none of this appears on her record.”

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    The girls parents have to find a good black Jewish lawyer and sue the school district for being incompetent.
    Today you must sue to get things done.

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