Middle School Leads Three-day Course On Violent, Misogynistic Rapper

School 300x225 Middle school leads three day course on violent, misogynistic rapper

As if the curriculum within today’s public school system is not sufficiently watered-down and inappropriate, a Mississippi middle school is facing criticism for an indefensible lesson on hip-hop mogul Sean “Jay-Z” Carter.

Though the star has been unquestionably successful in the entertainment industry, sixth-grade students should not be subjected to an in-depth study of the profane artist’s portfolio. According to at least one parent, though, that is exactly what the Desoto Central Middle School staff assigned as part of its English curriculum.

The mother of one student in the class recalled her son showing her the lesson, which included a study of his hit song, “Big Pimpin’.”

“Another song talked about thug life,” the concerned mother added. “My child was getting an education about thug life.”

Even as Fox News learned of the story and began investigating, school staff was tight-lipped regarding the brewing controversy.

The mother could not believe that her child was learning about a man who sings songs that degrade women and glorify the thug life.

“They made it sound like it was no big deal,” she said of her complaint. “They said the point of the assignment was because Jay-Z is successful.”

Apparently, the school’s staff is unaware of any successful entrepreneurs whose body of work is not wholly inappropriate for 11-year-olds.

The parent said the assignment is no different than expecting children to learn about the exploits of famed pornographers.

A school official finally responded to her concerns, only to suggest that anyone chosen to be highlighted in the assignment would have been objectionable on some level. Some ephemeral mistake in one’s past, however, is entirely different than a man whose entire career was built around violent, profane, and promiscuous behavior.

Heather Fox, an activist for reform in the county that houses this school district, said the inappropriate educational material is becoming par for the course.

High school students have “had to read explicit books,” she mentioned, adding, “now we know about the Jay-Z class.”

For her part, the upset mother said she is now reconsidering whether her child should remain in the government-controlled educational system.

“It really makes me want to either send him to a private school or home school,” she explained.

While either could be an excellent option for her child’s future education, she and her husband would still have their taxes confiscated in order to keep the public system afloat.

The sad truth in America is that conservative parents are being forced to allocate more and more of their money to fund a system designed to systematically turn their own children against them.

Public education is no longer about equipping the next generation for life in the real world. Instead, it has become an institution dominated by leftists and dedicated to fostering a culture filled with controllable drones.

Teaching Jay-Z’s crime-ridden life story is just the latest method they have developed by which to reach that goal.


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