Michelle’s Latest Attack On School Food Choice

Acting as though she wields limitless influence over decisions made in public schools, Michelle Obama has not been shy in issuing decrees dictating what foods may be offered to the next generation. While the benefits of proper nutrition and exercise are important lessons to teach our youth, one unelected, unaccountable woman’s opinion on the issue should not be given such overarching discretion.

As it turns out, however, the first lady is not simply interested in restricting what foods students can eat; she also wants to decide what they are allowed to see!

“The idea here is simple,” she said Tuesday in conjunction with the announcement of new Department of Agriculture rules; “our classrooms should be healthy places where kids aren’t bombarded with ads for junk food.”

Obama, whose high-calorie, fat-laden meal at this month’s White House state dinner is likely still digesting, asserted that she knows best when it comes to school advertising.

While she mentioned classrooms, the new regulations extend much further than individual areas of learning. According to an Associated Press report, school gymnasiums that currently have scoreboards sponsored by Coca-Cola, for instance, will be forced to remove any references to the sugary soft drink.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said his agency “is committed to working closely with students, parents, school stakeholders and the food and beverage industries to implement the new guidelines,” though by most accounts it seems Michelle Obama is the primary source of the new restrictions.

She has already prevented schools from offering foods students are actually willing to eat, forcing cafeterias to serve breakfasts and lunches consisting of components that typically end up directly in the trash. In addition to the latest advertising rules, the administration is expanding taxpayer subsidies for school nutrition programs. This effectively means that the government will use even more of the money it confiscates from hardworking Americans to purchase meals that students will never even eat.

Apparently, this all makes sense to Michelle Obama and the nannies in charge of the Department of Agriculture.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service (Creative Commons)

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  1. Politicians and especially wives have the right to voice their own views regarding nutrition. However, if standards are enforced based on anything but scientific facts that something is dangerous, it must be thought of strictly as opinion. This is not a mandate to change things. Nutrition is up to parents, children and the individual school. Government has no right to tell people what to eat or drink. If Mrs. Obama tries to force her opinion on schools, she should be arrested. She has an opinion, nothing more. Big Brother is watching you. It is time to put an end to Big Brother Obama. He has continually overstepped his authority. Keep government out of our lives.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Just look at who is talking, a black woman with a big fat ass.Nobody voted her in as food police for our students in school.When Grape Ape has a state dinner,you don't see them eating tofu and carrots they have enough calories to last a year.So I say to the black witch doctor worry about Buckwheat & Sapphire and we will worry about our own

  3. Linda From NY says:

    Mrs .Dictator wannabe wants to do something useful, then talk about of the spraying of chemicals Mansanto on our food which causes tumors. There was an experiment on white rats who ate vegetables with this chemical and these rats were cover with tumors all over.

    Mrs. Dictator wannabe should find something useful to do, she should focus on helping the homeless and very poor, or focus on the Chem Trails, what the hell they are spraying? chemicals and what for?

    Ever since the Obamas arrived into our White House these people have made life so much harder for the Country, all of their policies have been wrong and have cause much hardship for most of Americans

  4. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Will this nappy headed sho ho get out of the spotlight already, her asss is blocking the view.

  5. Evermyrtle says:

    There is one thing that can be said about Mooselle, the generations of school children will allway dislike her or maybe I should say despise her.

  6. Children learn proper and healthy eating habits at HOME. If you don't teach them before they go to school and lead by example then all the mandates in the world will not make children eat what they don't want and aren't used to eating.

  7. Throw this trashy woman and her trashy ideas of food where they belong, Down the garbage disposal! I would never follow her example of food for my kids to eat! I am a chef and I know how to balance a meal, not my fat a**!

  8. What a piece of S**T B*t*h!!

  9. A candy bar, soft drink, or salty chips can fill a need in the body at times and should be available. Once on vacation, I became ill, a Coke and salty corn chips made me feel better. Once when I was in a biology class, a soft drink saved a diabetic student from becoming ill.

    What I am saying is that there is a time and place for junk food, or food that is not exactly healthy, in our diets.

    What children eat at home and school is none of Ms Busy Body's business, where does she get the idea that it is?????.

  10. TooMuchGovernment says:

    I sure hope some of these people who voted Obama in so the government could "take care" of them are seeing what they give up. Many people chose to give control to the government (a lot of them young people who don't know any better — or as Michelle calls them, "knuckleheads."

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