Michelle Obama’s Farmer’s Market Resorts To Fat, Sugar, And Salt For Sales

Michelle Obama 2 SC Michelle Obama’s Farmer’s Market Resorts to Fat, Sugar, and Salt for Sales

A persistent myth in the food policy world, spread most forcefully by First Lady Michelle Obama, is that the nation can conquer obesity through the power of farmers’ markets. This is typically positioned against the supposed evils of a “food industry” fingered by book authors chasing residuals cash for using ingredients like salt, sugar, and fat to “hook” “victims.” A trip to the farmers’ market, however, shows that salt, sugar, and fat are just ingredients that have been used by humans to make the drudgery of eating worthwhile since time immemorial.

We recently visited Mrs. Obama’s local farmers market, which shuts down part of a street by Washington, D.C.’s McPherson Square every Thursday in the summer. The reality—a tasty lunch, complete with the supposedly evil salt, sugar, and fat—doesn’t exactly fit with the rhetoric. Reportedly, the idea for the market right in downtown D.C. was hatched to help federal bureaucrats eat healthier lunches.

And in 2009, when the farmers market opened, President Barack Obama said this:

It gives suddenly D.C. more access to good, fresh food, but it also is this enormous potential revenue maker for local farmers in the area […] And those kinds of connections can be made all throughout the country and has to be part of how we think about health.”

Well, our visit suggests that that statement is only about two-thirds true. The food looked good and fresh, and the weekly opportunity to sell their wares to K Street lobbyists and federal bureaucrats is probably a nice way for the farmers to fatten their wallets.

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  4. Am I the only person confused with what the message was supposed to be from this article? I must also be blind because if you guys are talking about Michelle Obama being fat then I'm not seeing it.

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