Michelle Obama’s Credit Info LEAKED

Michelle Obama new hairstyle Michelle Obamas credit info LEAKED

LOS ANGELES — First lady Michelle Obama is the latest public figure to have her Social Security number and credit report leaked online by a website posting private data on celebrities and government officials.

The FBI and the Secret Service are investigating the site, which has credit info on stars such as Mel Gibson, Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce, and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The website includes Social Security numbers for 17 individuals and most of its pages have links to recently-generated credit reports. It bears an Internet suffix originally assigned to Soviet Union.

Read more at Official Wire.

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  1. Why don't they list Obama's numerous SS numbers and the aliases he used in the past? At the presnt time, he is using a SSnumber which was assigned to a CT. man in the early days of the SS program. The man Jean Paul ludwig was born in France, lived in CT and died in Hawaii. His SS number was 042-xxx-xxxx. I wonder why the IRS hasn't noticed this when processing obama's taxes?

    • Our corrupt Congress doesn't do a damn thing regarding the Obams's past, his records, his forged birth certificate and his SS numbers – and what is just as bad is the MSM who leaves out infornation. givens out misinformation or just plain lies. We once had a country of honor – no more. I worry about the life my grandchild will face – heavy debt (because of Obama and a Congress who doesn't have the word "NO " in their vocabulary! Boehner and his gang of wimps and RINO's desperately need to go!

  2. Well I will be like Obama I will keep my personal information to myself when he show his ill show mine and one thing for sure I will not put it on the internet period

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