Michelle Obama Sets Sights On Cartoon Characters

448px Michelle Obama  Michelle Obama sets sights on cartoon characters

When she is between stops on her eight-year, taxpayer-funded tour of the world, Michelle Obama has assumed the role of national nutrition nanny. She has made countless speeches, prompting school districts across the U.S. to implement disastrously unsuccessful and cost-prohibitive “healthy” menus for students.

She has also been an advocate for regular physical activity, which certainly has its merits even if she insists on making the initiative entirely about her. As with any radical leftist, though, she is not content unless she is identifying and castigating some perceived root cause for childhood obesity.

Her latest target, addressed during a recent speech, is the evil cartoon conglomerate. Allowing two-dimensional characters to be used in marketing foods she deems unhealthy is cause for outrage, which she expressed through her comments to a crowd, including numerous representatives from the food industry.

Obama began by insinuating that kids will eat anything with a familiar face on it, assuring her audience that they can “market healthy foods to kids and stay competitive and marketable.”

Reports show that marketing food to children is a nearly $2 billion a year industry; and, the first lady apparently feels that money should be used toward hawking Brussels sprouts.

Marketing represents a “direct and powerful impact on young people’s food preferences,” she stated, contending that companies should discard their previous operating models in favor of her decree.

She bluntly told the audience that they could well lose money by following her advice, saying the industry needs to “take a short-term risk to get a long-term payoff.”

There is certainly a benefit in providing a healthy, well-balanced diet to children. That responsibility, though, should lie with parents, not a food company in business to make a profit.

Conservatives believe that the market should decide what products a company offers for sale. Michelle Obama and her ilk believe the government always knows best, making it the arbiter of what we may and may not consume.



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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Why can't this fat ass curl up in a corner and die.No one elected her to do anything but take care of the niglets and she needed her mother to be a nanny. People should tell her to go pound salt and we'll take care of our own kids.Keep your black ass out of my family

    • Linda From NY says:

      Hi Edward,
      If this information was coming from well meaning people, Not Socialist Dictators, perhaps it might have some merits. But look where is coming from, she needs to mind her own business and take care her own niglets and leave our kids alone

    • Aside from the racial remarks, which I deplore, I couldn't agree more. She'd be a pain in the rear no matter what skin she was sporting. She sticks her nose in where it is not wanted constantly, and her ideas are truly awful. In order to get kids to eat healthy food, you have to teach them to do so from birth. You CANNOT force it on them at school, legislate it into their stomachs, or browbeat them into liking what they don't like. It is simply not feasible. She's a fool.

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