Michelle Obama Might Never Show Her Face In A High School Again After What These Students Just Did

Photo Credit: PCHS-NJROTC (Creative Commons)

In much the same way kids across the country used Twitter to highlight the subpar lunches being served in compliance with federal nutrition regulations, students are now posting their displeasure regarding changes to vending machines on campus.

Mandates included in The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, which went into effect earlier this year, have already been dropped by numerous districts that can absorb the impact of losing a substantial amount of federal money. Schools that remain encumbered by the nutritional restrictions championed by Michelle Obama, however, are quickly learning that the repercussions extend much further than the lunchroom.

As Western Journalism reported, the mandate dictates that schools may only host a certain number of bake sales and other similar events per year, meaning many clubs and programs that rely on the money raised through such activities will likely see a precipitous drop in available funds.

What seems to have distressed many students, however, is the toll Obama’s agenda has taken on school vending machines. Once able to purchase a quick snack in the hallway, kids now see candy and chips replaced by salads and fruit.

Some bid a fond farewell to the snacks they enjoyed before the regulations took effect.


Others reluctantly acknowledged the inevitable change — along with the person they hold responsible.


Some recognized that there are ways around Obama’s mandates, though. Twitter No matter their approach, it seems clear that the majority of students speaking out about changes to vending machines — and meals in the cafeteria — are decidedly against Obama’s heavy-handed regulations.

At least one turned a common refrain among leftists against her.

Photo Credit: PCHS-NJROTC (Creative Commons)

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

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  1. High school kids should have what they want in their schools. They are there for long periods of time, and its just the American way – which M. Obama knows nothing about.

  2. Michelle Obama doesn’t have any right to eat what she wants to & tell students what they should consume. Has she turned into the food police? She wasn’t elected into office & she should worry about her own health & weight.

  3. Looking at the rear end of The first "Chewbaca"…I would say someone is cheating on her own plan.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Exactly you Micheal know she eats a lot of Twinkies.You can put a tray on her ass and you wouldn't spill a drop.

  4. Why not just put out a advertised buffet with specials and then improve it by what sells and what does not…..get the government out of the schools so the kids can have a academic environment and not this political gaar-baage that keeps creeping into the curriculum…..

  5. Puddentain says:

    Remember kiddies,,,,this is what the democrats do to you!!!

  6. Edwardkoziol says:

    I never knew we voted in the Grape Ape (Moochelle Obuthole ) as head of the food police.School kids should protest and bring in lunches filled with everything the Ape is against.

  7. It's the schools' faults. They should not have listened to her. Who the h*ll appointed her to be the food gestapo???? She's a nobody like Obozo. I wish they'd both drop dead – them and all the liberals and demon-craps and RINO's…….

  8. This so called first lady should mind her own business. What my kids it is not her business it is mine and my child's…She has overreached. How about going after drug abuse or illegals or something important…My kids know how to slip in a snack or two for school. I know what they should be eating.

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