Medical Company Blames ‘Obamacare’ For Massive Layoffs

Obamacare Not Priceless SC Medical Company Blames ‘Obamacare’ For Massive Layoffs

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (CBSDC) — A medical company is blaming President Obama’s health care law for the layoffs of nearly 100 people.

Smith & Nephew says a 2.3 percent excise tax on medical devices in the “Obamacare” law caused the layoffs in the Memphis and Andover, Mass., offices.

“The nearly $30 billion tax on medical devices that took effect Jan. 1, 2013, has impacted a number of companies across the U.S.,” the company said in a statement to WHBQ-TV.

Read more at CBS DC.

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  1. Thanks Obama. You are doing a great job as a commie/muslim.

  2. Tim Lucas says:

    There has been little good news if any in the last four years. Everything this president has done was controversial at best. Liberals have a long list of his accomplishments but were in fact, already law or instrumented and paved over. It was offered up as original along with the idea Obama was the second coming knowing most liberals have no religious belief whatsoever. The health care industry needed portability and predetermined illness coverage which could of been tweaked to order. Now most families are uninsured. Most everyone is uninsured due to layoffs. Now more families under obamacare will be uninsured which brings to the front the major question of "what was the point"? The point was control. Anyone that knew anything knew this was the correct answer. Just like everything else that Obama has done had a selling point. The point was that he has lied from the start and all of the penned up lies now that he no longer faces re election comes out of the closet. The real truth about health care and now, his mandates of where he wants to drag the rest of this country. The only hope is continued replacement of liberals through the 2014 elections otherwise, he will get his dirty work done. There is nothing good about this president and nothing good will come of it.

  3. Linda A. From NY says:

    Everything obama touches turns to doo doo, anyone with common sense could see that this healthcare is not good. It is a job killer and most of all expensive, there is nothing affordable about it. Everyone’s taxes have gone up to pay for this monstrosity and it is going to be a crappy healthcare.

    For those people who re-elected this man I hope they are the first ones to feel the pain, these people’s stupidity have cost us all dearly.

    So much for Forward, forward to poverty.

  4. disgusted says:

    When this idiotic primate started in with his “healthcare” bit, I told my husband, “he is not interested in, nor does he care, about anyone’s care, or whether they can afford it or not, all he wants is to have it “MY WAY”! Watching him strut upon stage, as if he was “all that, and a bag of chips” was like watching a self important jackass bray and flap it’s lips. His nose in the air, and that ugly “I WANT” look on that uglier face, it was all I could do not to throw up at the sight. I despised him from the first time I saw the name, HUSSEIN, and after that, I came to despise him even more, with each and everytime I heard the MU SLIME NAME OF HUSSEIN! I had not forgotten, nor have I never forgotten September 11 ,2001! This jackass, this MU SLIME was and IS a reminder of that awful day, every single time his name comes on my computer screen, or my television screen! I am reminded of the destruction of that day. Because the destruction of that day was only the beginning of the continued DESTRUCTION of our nation, brought to us all, this time, by the same kind of EVIL TWISTED SICK MINDED KIND OF A CREATURE AS THOSE SICK TWISTED EVIL MINDED MURDERERS OF SEPTEMBER 11, 2001! The destruction is different now, but it is STILL DESTRUCTION! This EVIL TWISTED MINDED MU SLIME IS DE STRUCTING AMERICA ONE PEICE AT A TIME AND THIS “healthcare” was only one little/huge step in the process of the FURTHER DE STRUCTION OF OUR NATION! And to have had to watch this EVIL TWISTED SLIME DO THIS, WITH THE APPROVAL OF THE “old idiots” who SUPPORTED HIM AND IT was INSULT TO INJURY! I hope, I HOPE that those OLD IDIOTS are some of the FIRST TO FALL AS THE FIRST VICTIMS OF THEIR OWN STUPIDITY! And THE “black idiots”, I WISH THEM EXACTLY WHAT THEY VOTED FOR! THEIR OWN SALE BACK INTO A WORSE SLAVERY THAN THE ONE SUFFERED BY THEIR ANCESTORS!!!!!!!!!! It will serve both these parties exactly right. To all those young fools who voted for this freak, this SLIME in office, WHERE ARE THE JOBS???? I HOPE YOU LIKE LIVING IN MOMMY”S AND DADDY”S BASEMENTS! I HOPE YOU ENJOY TRYING TO PAY THOSE STUDENT LOANS WITH NO JOBS! And…… you are not the children of senators and CONgressmen/women, YOU HAVE TO PAY BACK! The children of these lying low lifed thieves never have to pay a cent back! NEVER HAVE TO PAY, AND YOU DO!!!! HAHAHAH! I bet you really LOVE YOUR “black president” NOW DON”T YOU! If this sounds as if I am angry, I AM! Big TIME ANGRY AT THE LOT OF YOU OLD IDIOTS, YOUNG IDIOTS, and “black” FOOLS!

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