Media Whitewash Killer’s Leftist Ties

Christopher Dorner SC Media whitewash killers leftist ties

When a high-profile murder comes across the desk of those in the mainstream media, the initial reaction is to find some tie to conservatism. If none can be found, the more militant ideologues in the press will simply blame conservative talk radio.

Noticeably absent from the overwhelming coverage of the manhunt for murderous ex-police officer Christopher Dorner, however, are his obvious ties to radical leftism.

Instead, Dorner has unbelievably become a role model among many progressives.

Contained in the rambling manifesto he left behind, he is a firm supporter of Barack Obama and is a fan of the unquestionably left-leaning MSNBC network.

Such information is almost universally ignored by so-called journalists, with the exception of many in the alternative media.

Rush Limbaugh, for instance, lambasted media hacks for their attempts to rationalize and even excuse the loss of innocent life caused by Dorner’s actions.

Journalists are “relegating the murder aspect of what the guy’s doing to secondary status,” he said, “and the primary thing we must see is his intellect.”

Perhaps more upsetting – since leftist reporters covering up unflattering news is nothing new – is the level of support Dorner is receiving by those on the left.

Within a few days of his killing spree and subsequent disappearance, social media has erupted with signs of praise and hero worship directed toward him because of his far-left political stance.

An an example, one Facebook page calls for a Dorner presidency. Even more disturbing are the comments by members of these pages.

One user called him “god” while another declared, “I submit fully to the absolute power of Christopher Dorner and the cause of a People’s Stalinist America.”

Hypocrisy among leftists is far too common to exhaustively chronicle. However, their sycophantic treatment of a killer while simultaneously calling for the disarmament of American citizens constitutes just such an instance.
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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Is there anyone with half a brain that actually thought that they media would actually mention that Dorner was a big time lib who mentioned his heroes all being big time socialist liberals like Matthews,Lauer and the rest of the Democraps.Had Dorner mentioned Hannity ,Limbaugh ,Savage or other conservatives it would have been front page news saying that these people caused this crazy igger to go on a killing spree.How do these left wingers sleep at night.I'm surprized Dorner didn't blame it on Bush like Obutthole told him too.

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