Media Once Again Silent Regarding Major Pro-life Campaign

Abortion Protestor SC 214x300 Media once again silent regarding major pro life campaign

The mainstream media are perfectly willing to exaggerate attendance at ideologically friendly events, thus propelling them to a level warranting coverage. When a protest or demonstration suggesting a conservative ideal attracts significant support, though, the same sources pretend it never happened.

Such is the case with a pro-life campaign known as “40 Days for Life.” The international initiative kicked off Wednesday and is set to include stops in 306 cities during upcoming weeks. At an evening vigil in Washington, D.C., which included prominent speakers and served as the first push to increase participating in the event, just one media source showed up — the conservative Media Research Center.

The campaign is dedicated to spreading a message of hope to women facing unwanted pregnancy through prayer, fasting, community outreach, and by standing vigil outside of abortion mills.

Nearly 600,000 individuals are involved in 40 Days of Life, which claims that its efforts have resulted in more than 7,500 saved lives.

Speaking to a crowd virtually bereft of journalists, Billy Valentine of the Susan B. Anthony List detailed recent strides in the pro-life movement, including an increase in shuttered abortion clinics and positive legislative trends.

These inconvenient facts run afoul of the media’s abortion narrative. The same sources tried desperately to prevent coverage of the Kermit Gosnell trial, which exposed the twisted, sadistic actions of an immoral butcher. While a reporter’s job is ostensibly to cover news events, many in today’s media are more concerned about protecting the institution’s sacred cows.

According to MRC research, network media outlets have never covered the 40 Days for Life campaign, an event whose participation rate alone should warrant at least some reportage.

While the leftist news industry once had a firm stranglehold on what information consumers could access, that trend is quickly reversing course in the age of new media. Though entrenched progressives will continue to shun any event that does not support their radical worldview, conservatives can and will get their message out through less hostile resources.

It can be incredibly frustrating to witness the mainstream censorship of relevant news based only on ideological differences, but that stubbornness only leads to a decreased market share for the dinosaurs within establishment media.


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