Media Downplay Knockout Game

Photo credit: SimonQ錫濛譙 (Creative Commons)

Reports from across the nation have surfaced in recent weeks detailing a troubling trend known as the “knockout game.” According to witnesses, victims, and other reports, the perpetrators of this violent act are generally black youth who sucker punch unsuspecting pedestrians.

Many injuries and a few deaths have been connected to the expanding urban pastime.

The mainstream media, however, diligent in their task of glossing over stories that do not support the leftist narrative, have been noticeably reluctant to address the attacks. In fact, many sources are denying the trend even exists.

A recent USA Today column identifies several sources that refuse to acknowledge these numerous and similar accounts amount to anything more than a statistical anomaly. In fact, the author claimed some view the knockout game as “an urban myth.”

The column sites far-left news organization, which contends there is no evidence connecting these attacks to a larger movement and claims there is no racial factor in the predominantly black-on-white violence.

As more victims continue to come forward, however, increased news coverage is unavoidable. Even USA Today has published knockout game reports in recent days.

Still, these reports highlight a glaring double standard regarding the role race plays within the leftist-dominated field of journalism.

When members of the press clamored to be the first to castigate George Zimmerman as a white racist after he shot black teen Trayvon Martin last year, they were ultimately proven wrong on several fronts. Since their imagined chain of events fit the template of white racism and black victimhood, however, many felt justified in perpetuating a myth that has subsequently left a man’s life in ruins.

In the case of the knockout game, however, even widely documented cases of black aggression toward white victims are not enough to signal a trend.

Established news organizations are no longer providing the services for which they were created. Instead of providing accurate news coverage, these institutions instead serve as the propaganda arm of the far left.

It seems those entrenched in that culture are the only ones shocked to see their influence wane as Americans increasingly get their news from alternative sources.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo credit: SimonQ錫濛譙 (Creative Commons)

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