Media Accused Of Hollywood Sex Ring Cover-up

The mother of the alleged victim of a powerful Hollywood pedophile ring says she tried for years to interest the media in the story. Michael Egan’s mother Bonnie Mound said, “I wrote every news channel, every magazine, every talk-show host, everybody, from Oprah to ‘20/20’ to ‘60 Minutes’…. Nobody wanted to do anything because of the high-profile people involved.”

One of those alleged “high-profile people” is defendant Bryan Singer, who is said to have “manipulated his power, wealth, and position in the entertainment industry to sexually abuse and exploit the underage Plaintiff [Michael Egan], through the use of drugs, alcohol, threats, and inducements which resulted in Plaintiff suffering catastrophic psychological and emotional injuries.”

A member of “Out” magazine’s list of the “Power 50” top homosexuals in the U.S., Singer is a major financial contributor to the Democratic Party. Records of the Federal Election Commission (FEC) show Singer making donations totaling $75,800 to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), and even the North Carolina Democratic Party.

One description of his work notes that he is “one of the industry’s most successful writer/producer/directors,” and that his credits include “Valkyrie,” the X-Men films, and “Superman Returns.” He is also the executive producer of the Emmy Award-winning medical drama “House.”

Singer has strongly denied the allegations. However, a gay news and entertainment site called Queerty reports that “…Singer may have a tough time making the allegations go away, so to speak, after photos published back in 2009 were widely reported to have been taken at one of Singer’s alleged sex parties.”

They were allegedly called “coke and twink pool parties,” with “twink” being a homosexual term for young or young-looking men, and coke a reference to the drug, not the soft drink.

The lawsuit claims, “The parties were typically sordid and featured sexual contact between adult males and the many teenage boys who were present for the parties. Further, the parties included the distribution of drugs and alcoholic beverages to the teenage boys at the party. Upon information and belief, the nature of the parties was well-known and notorious among many men in the Hollywood entertainment industry.”

The lawsuit sheds “much-needed light on the homosexuality-affirming blitzkrieg spewing daily from Hollywood,” notes Laurie Higgins, a cultural analyst for the Illinois Family Institute.

Spreading $5 million of his wealth around, the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts has established the Bryan Singer Division of Critical Studies.

Egan said he was raped repeatedly at an estate owned by Marc Collins-Rector, a major figure in the entertainment business who is a convicted child abuser and now a registered sex offender. He “admitted luring five minors across state lines so he could have sex with them,” according to a story about the plea, after he had fled to Spain.

The Egan lawsuit says, “I was in the hot tub with Bryan Singer and other individuals, they grope you, shove your head under water, orally molest you, then they’d rape you by the side of hot tub. You were a piece of meat. There was no relationship. You were a piece of meat.”

According to the lawsuit, “He was told that he was part of the ‘group,’ referring to the numerous young males who were lured to the M & C [Rector] Estate for the purpose of sexual contact with the adult males who visited the M & C Estate ostensibly for recreational and business purposes. He was advised that those adult males controlled Hollywood and would destroy his hopes and dreams of an acting career if he did not keep them happy. They threatened to ‘eliminate’ him and his family, and told him that they were monitoring not only his phone, but those of his family members, and asserted he would be ‘destroyed’ if he ever disclosed the unconscionable activities that occurred at the Estate.”

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