McDaniel Hits Roadblock In Effort To Challenge Mississippi Election

Photo credit: Facebook/Chris McDaniel for United States Senate

As Mississippi State Sen. Chris McDaniel and his lawyers attempt to expose fraud that led to his challenger’s primary runoff win last month, the state Supreme Court ruled against the Tea Party-backed U.S. Senate candidate this week.

Incumbent Republican Sen. Thad Cochran fell behind McDaniel in the primary election, leading to a runoff in which he not only made up the deficit but won by a significant margin. McDaniel’s team alleges the Cochran campaign used fraudulent methods to secure a victory and has requested access to voting records to prove their suspicions.

Thursday’s court ruling, however, indicated that the court could “discern no legal requirement that poll books should be included in the contents of ballot boxes,” noting that personal information contained therein would be redacted upon release to McDaniel’s lawyers.

The decision came just a day after attorney Mitch Tyner confirmed his team had uncovered significant suspicious activity in the election results. Furthermore, he suggested that certain information – including birthdates – is necessary for a complete investigation into potential discrepancies between voter registrations and actual ballots cast in the election.

Following the ruling, he noted that justices were not unanimous in arriving at a decision. He said he is committed to seeing that the case is heard again by the same court and, per the request of three justices, including arguments from both sides.

Another McDaniel supporter, state Sen. Michael Watson, said the system is working against a candidate who feels he was the victim of voter fraud.

“You tell them, OK, not only do you have to go to all 82 counties,” he said of the court’s message, “but you’ve got to come up with a whole bunch of money to look at the poll books. Is that right?”

Photo credit: Facebook/Chris McDaniel for United States Senate

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Cochrane is another piece of shit(POS) and what hurts most is the republican party backing this old fart who got the enemy to vote for him by paying them.If McDaniels can keep up the fight do it or run as an Independent.

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