Massive Layoffs Greet Obama Re-election

Layoffs Massive Layoffs Greet Obama Re election

It didn’t take long. The layoffs and closings are piling up. The saddest thing about compiling this list is that by the time today is over, the list will probably have grown dramatically. The next saddest part is that at least some of these laid off employees voted for Barack Obama because they didn’t believe this would happen.

These are more than just headlines. Every number represents  real people who have lost their livelihood.

Boeing Announces Big Layoffs in Defense Division cut 30% of workforce

Anonymous employer in Los Vegas: “I have 114 employees. I’m firing 22”

Momentive Inc. plans 150 “temporary” layoffs” – Tyler County West Virginia

Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania “voluntary furloughs” for 300 town workers. Joe Biden’s gift to his old neighborhood

Berks County Pennsylvania Exide Technologies to lay off 150 workers

Groupon is starting with 80 employee layoffs. But more will certainly follow as the stock price has dropped from $20.00 to $3.85 in the past year

TE Connectivity to close Guilford North Carolina plant to lay off 620

50 Layoffs at Anniston Alabama weapons incinerator plant

Murray Energy of Steubenville Ohio to layoff 150

Associated Milk Producers of Worthington Minnesota has laid off 130 workers

Stanford Brake plant of Lincoln County Kentucky to lay off 75 by Christmas

TurboCare, Oce Manchester and East Hartford Connecticut laying off more than 220 workers

ATI of North Richland Hills Texas to layoff 172

SpaceX –  Rocketdyne Hawthorne California lays off 100

Providence Journal lays off 23 full time employees

CVPH of Plattsburgh New York to lay off 17

New Energy of Indiana lays off final 40 workers and closes up

102 East Carbon Utah miners lose jobs – war on coal KIAs

U.S. Cellular in Chicago cuts 640 workers and Obama fans get what they voted for

Career Education cutting 900 jobs across Illinois

Vesta Wind Systems cutting 3,000 Oregon getting what THEY voted for!

FirstEnergy Akron Ohio cuts 200

Energizer of St. Louis to cut about 1,500 in Vermont and Missouri

West Ridge Mine a Utah coal company has laid off 102 miners

Strap yourself in, America and prepare for this to get much worse before it gets better.

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  1. All of this in the last week? Jeeze. Obama's economic plan in motion, alright. Imagine all those people on the street that once had jobs, even secure jobs, having to deal with some on-coming frustrations of not being hired on because a business simply can't afford it anymore. I can imagine it getting even worse down the road when those same would-be employers wind up on the same street as the people they couldn't hire.

  2. If they voted for obama then I have no sympathy for them. The companies have been telling everyone for months and months that this is what they would have to do in order to stay in business. My question is how long will it go before there are enough regulations that there will no longer be businesses? I suppose those that voted for socialism will be happy working for the state. They just don't understand that their lives are about to be regulated into a hellish existence.

  3. flip one over says:

    They all have 4 years to think about what the next 20 years are going to be like. I do hope the takers are satisified now that the golden goose has been killed and cooked and all that will soon be left are the bones, because when it is over, all the votes in the world will not bring back prosperity.

  4. Deepizzaguy says:

    You made your bed now lay on it. Suckers.

  5. Linda From NY says:

    I new this would happen if the obama care became law, that is why I voted for Mitt. For those useful idiots who voted this imposter back in office, and now lost their jobs, they screwed themselves.

  6. Welcome to the world's newest 3rd. world country. A new banana republic.

  7. Defense contractors who waited until AFTER the election to announce their layoffs violated the Federal Law which required them to announce same at least 90-days in advance.

  8. I hope, I SINCERELY HOPE, that all those wastes of flesh with the brains of slugs, are the same ones who LOSE EVERYTHING RIGHT DOWN TO THEIR UNDERWEAR! I wish them nothing good, for doing this to our nation! I hope they are all satisfied now, with this CHANGE, because this is ALL they will have now, CHANGE in their pockets. And as one comment above says, the Golden Goose is now dead, and all that is left are the bones. SUCK the marrow of those bones, if there is any left you dimwitted idiots whose brains are on the drug called obama! All you wanted, you got, now try, just TRY to live with it! I am already poor, and living so far under the poverty level that I do not technically exist, so for me, it’s nothing new. But for those fools of you who voted for your “black” OREO who now has the permission of your stupidity, your brain dead blindness, I hope you fry, I hope you starve your asses off, LITERALLY! We who paid our taxes don’t have the jobs now to pay them, and WITHOUT JOBS WITH WHICH TO PAY TAXES, THERE WILL BE NO FREE STUFF FORTHCOMING ANYMORE!!!!! If you have pennies in your baggy pants, consider your stupid selves lucky, because that is going to be ALL YOU ARE LEFT WITH, THE GREAT CHANGE!!!!!!!!! Serves you each and every one right, and your CHILDREN ARE NOW GOING TO PAY DEARLY, THROUGH THEIR NOSES FOR YOUR LACK OF ANY COMMON SENSE OR ANY KIND OF “intelligence”, providing that you had any to begin with! Racist idiots, white and “black”!

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