Marshall Likens Health Care Reforms To ‘Rape’

barack obama57368 300x225 Marshall Likens Health Care Reforms To Rape

RICHMOND – Del. Bob Marshall, never one to shy away from controversial statements, told the U.S. Supreme Court Monday that the federal health care law was “akin to forcible economic rape.”

Marshall made the statement in a 46-page brief submitted to the high court from his legislative office asking the court to strike down the Affordable Care Act. The brief sets a combative tone for the Manassas Republican’s budding campaign for Virginia’s open U.S. Senate seat against former Gov. George Allen and others.

Sen. Dick Black, R-Leesburg, joined Marshall in the filing. Justices will hear five and a half hours of arguments in the case next month.

Marshall’s main objection to President Obama’s health care reform is the individual mandate, which requires everyone to purchase health insurance or pay a fine. Federal courts are split on whether the mandate is constitutional and it’s at the center of the case the Supreme Court will decide in June.

Proponents of the mandate and the health care reforms argue the law is constitutional because Congress has the right to regulate interstate commerce. It’s that assertion Marshall attempts to discredit.

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  1. Welcome to Obamunism!

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    This is a different but it is still a rape and the Evil One Obuma is the person doing the raping or haveing his stooges do it for him.Since when can the government dictate that you have to buy health insurance or the federales will send the IRS after you.Before Obuma became president things were going pretty good not perfect but good.Look at what your paying for gas because our Annoited One wants you to stick a sail up your hinney to get where ever you want to go,meanwhile he flies with the Grape Ape and niglets all over.This to is a form of raping the taxpayers.

  3. beastlycasey says:

    I actually think this Health Care Reform would just create more problems like what is listed here in this article:
    But I am trying or rather wanting to see the positive side of this issue, but somehow I am failing to see any. In fact I am also a bit concerned if I will still have a job soon because of this issue.

  4. Thats ok. We should take full advantage of the abortion option and get rid of this unconstitutional law called Obamacare!

  5. VirgoVince says:

    WHY has it taken so long for SOME of us to realize, WE have been getting raped every single day for the last 3 yrs, by everything he's done and he ain't done, yet??
    WHY is he still breathing????

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