Mark Levin Dismantles Obama’s (Lack Of) Actions On Israel And Border Crisis


Sean Hannity had Mark Levin on his show to discuss what Obama ought to be doing instead of fundraising across the country, partying in Denver, or playing golf.

How about what he was hired to do? Running the United States!

You know, things like supporting our country’s main ally in the Middle East, Israel, as they suffer nightly attacks from Hamas, or working on the border crisis so it stops looking like a sieve.

“This is chaos, this is anarchy, he’s planted the seed for this, he met in the late June, with his cabal of left-wing front groups, who all told him they need to do something more in order to oped the border, and to give citizenship to illegal aliens. We have absolute chaos when it comes to immigration.”

When asked for his thoughts about Sarah Palin’s surge to have Obama impeached, Levin said:

“Sarah Palin is right, if we had a functioning Constitutional Republic, with a president who violates separation of powers, thumbs his nose at the court system, and says he’s going to do more and more of it, she’s exactly right! This would be an open and shut case. She stands with the framers [of the Constitution].”

Levin digs into Obama and absolutely picks him apart for his negligence–and shows that in a time when this country really needs a leader, Obama is nowhere to be found. (Unless you’re in a pool hall.)

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Even though Levin is right and thinks Palin is right on impeaching Obutthole, it will never happen.You have a no balls republicans who rather sit back and just wipe the shit off of them from Obutthole.You got those pussies Flake ,Boner and other who don't want to do anything to the sand monkey.Jeff Flake says you have to win the senate and the king will still go around them even if the republicans control the senate

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