Map Of The US Shows Which Company Is Most Successful In Each State

world map

This new map provides an interesting viewpoint on which company provides the most revenue for each individual state. As noted by IJReview, every single one of these company’s headquarters is stationed in the state they represent.


Via The Washington Post:

The map above identifies the largest company by revenue in every state, according to a review of data maintained by business research firm Hoover’s conducted by information technology company Broadview Networks, which provides cloud services. The businesses span quite the range: They rake in anywhere from $1 billion to $476 billion and represent various sectors, including energy, banking, and retail.

While the businesses are not equal in terms of profit, each one has played a part in generating revenue, paying taxes, and providing people with an income to provide for their families.

Clearly, popularity does not always equal success. Puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?

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