Man Crowned “Miss Congeniality” In College’s All-Woman Pageant

Judging from the leftist hype in recent years, the transgender community faces discrimination on par with that faced by blacks during America’s segregationist past. Civil rights organizations, largely bereft of actual cases of prejudice, are trumpeting the cause of a tiny minority of people who decide to live as a member of the opposite sex.

In reality, the result of this activism is often the unfair treatment of the majority. Whether forcing young girls to share a restroom with a boy or allowing a young man to dominate a women’s athletic team, transgender individuals increasingly receive special treatment under unjustifiable new laws.

Among the latest incidents of this double standard is the result of a Chapman University pageant held exclusively for female students – at least until this year. A total of 16 individuals competed for the coveted Miss Delta Queen crown, including one biological male who enjoys wearing women’s clothing.

21-year-old Addie Vincent was unanimously crowned “Miss Congeniality,” with voters admitting they chose the gay man based entirely on his predilection for cross-dressing. Members of the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity were responsible for selecting the winner, and a number of the voters said their support for the transgender community was the reason Vincent received their vote.

As for Vincent, he described the experience as “awesome,” noting the “fact that I was just able to compete was so amazing on its own.”

He received an enthusiastic response from his supporters as he read an original poem detailing his experiences living as a woman. The senior now has his sights on creating a so-called “fraroity” for gender benders who refuse to commit to a particular sex but still wish to participate in the school’s Greek system.

One former Miss Delta Queen contestant said Vincent has a “message so many people needed to hear,” describing him as an inspiration.

While the organizers of this pageant certainly have the right to allow anyone or anything they wish to participate, the fact that Vincent was admittedly chosen simply because his genitalia was different than the rest of the contestants sends a troubling message.

It is clear that many members of the transgender community are not satisfied with equal treatment under the law, considering there is no institutionalized discrimination against them. Instead, they often demand – and receive – special consideration based entirely on their unorthodox lifestyles.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo Credit: Courtney Woodford (Creative Commons)

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