Lou Dobbs: Report Details 21 Legal Violations by Obama Admin

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  1. Cincinnatius says:

    Nice job, Lou! Unfortunately, this means NOTHING! You could make a list of 2000 laws broken by Obozo and it would also mean NOTHING! The rule of law is dead and gone in America, particularly if you are looking to apply "law" to any elected official and especially to the usurper in chief, Obozo. Not only do they pass laws which they are exempt, when happenstance should chance to find them in violation of some law, their peers "investigate" their transgressions and tell them, "be more careful" next time, i.e., Charlie Rangel, Tim Geithner, Bill Clinton, etc, etc, etc. Nope, this means absolutely nothing. Obozo is just getting warmed up! Wait till next term!

    • Thank you, I needed to read this. Of all the comments I have ever read, your's is the best and tells it exactly what has gone on, going on and still will go on. The only reason for any investigation with questions and answers is just to appease the people and then it closes with nothing found to convict. All we hear is talk talk talk and I've always heard talk is cheap, but this type of action talk cost the taxpayers millions of dollars and time spent doing NOTHING.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      I couldn't have said it better and you surely speak the truth.People who should be in jail or thrown out of their political office at least.

    • Did you read your own post? What does "next term" have to do with Obama's fraud and violations of law? Do you really believe that a new bunch of criminals, cowards, and self-serving liars in congress or the WH will make any difference at all? They are ALL complicit in Obama's crimes! Why? Because they allowed him to run KNOWING he was not eligible. The insane Pelosi even re-worded the so-called "certification" in which the DNC stated Obama could run for and hold the office. She removed the words "certify" knowing they hold legal meaning which would make her legally complicit in Obama's fraud.

      No my friend, the next term will be not lead to any substantive changes. If that were possible, we would not be in this mess in the first place, and my voting over the past 39 years would have led to a better country, not one that has decayed to resemble Sodom and Gomorrah more than the USA I knew as a young citizen.

      It is time to restore our Constitutional Republic and punish every criminal in DC and state and local governments until we have literally washed the filth away. Anything less will simply lead us on the same path on which we have been for the past 60 years, which will lead to the end of America.

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  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    When judges rule always in favor of Obuma why should the magic negroe care if he breaks a law.Not one single news organization will hold him responsible even the high and mighty William O'Reilly.They use to call John Gotti the Teflon Don well Obuma is the Teflon President.

    • michael says:

      In my opinion Oreilly is no longer a name to trust in the media. He carry's on with his constant interruptions and covering up Obama's crimes and he and all the rest of them who won't report the real news are just as guilty as Obama himself. They are all part of the problem. They can claim they've been threatened or whatever, to me that is no excuse. If the truth is there then report it. If not stop saying "we're looking out for you" is just a phrase that means absolutely nothing.

    • O'Reilly is no longer a factor in any discussion because he has drank the Obama koolaid; just like Sean Hannity. They are both wimps who are afraid of Obama and if the truth were actually known probably actually support 90 % of everything Obama does. Sheriff Joe Arpaio's posse has uncovered some damaging inforamtion about Obama, but Hannity and O'Reilly refuse to believe his posse. They would rather believe a newspaper announcement Obama's grand mother placed in the Hawaii newspaper shortly after Obama was born over common sense. If this is what a Harvard degree does for one, we should boycotte Harvard for producing dunces with O'Reilly.

  4. D. Marie says:

    Did you guys read the post entitled "What Happened to 'We The People'? Not very many of left comments, and it's a great read.

  5. I hope ALL 50 States Attorney Generals unite in their disputes against this, the first President in America to now be deemed "Most Lawless President in American History" and see justice served on him & his lawless administration!!!

    • You "hope"??? "Hope" is what Obama promised and you see what that gave us.

      I filed a legal document with the Ohio Sec of State and with my Congressman charging Obama with crimes among which is TREASON. I never even got a reply from either one. I notified the FBI as well and got no reply from them. A State Representative in New Hampshire has filed charges of Treason against Obama with NO response at all.

      I do not mean to demean your comments but I feel compelled to respond to you in my firm belief that NO ONE in government will do anything. In fact, congress and the once scotus are both complicit in Obama's fraud. How? Because they both KNEW he was not eligible to even RUN for POTUS, much less lawfully hold that office, yet not a single one of them so much as questioned Obama's eligibility for fear of being racist.

      No Renee, there is no reason to hope our government will do anything. The ONLY cause for hope is to restore our Constitutional Republic as it was designed by our Founders. The only way to do that is for We the People to demand it! The only way we will get it is if we force the issue, peacefully, but forcefully nonetheless. The two are not exclusive. We have the right, clearly written into our founding documents, to alter or abolish our government when it has proven itself to be tyrannical and unresponsive. There can be no doubt, at least among honest people, that our government has long since proven it is unresponsive. Consider that future generations of yet unborn children are already burdened with paying off a debt they did not vote for, yet they are burdened with at birth. If that is not taxation without representation then nothing ever was or ever will be.

      Hope lies with We the People and a return to our founding principles, one being a "firm reliance on Divine Providence". Placing hope anywhere else will prove to be fruitless.

  6. Well just gripe and DO NOTHING then !!!!!!!!. I for one am FED UP with this Marxist and Islamic that HATES us …

    • Mike Travis says:

      So what are you going to do? Gripe?

      If We the People do not stand up and unite to defend our few remaining liberties, we will lose them all and return to the very same state of being "subjects" to a tyrannical government that we were when we first broke from England to free ourselves from THEIR repression.

      Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains or slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take but as for me; give me liberty or give me death! Patrick Henry did not simply write those words, he lived them at the risk of his own death. It is time for us to accept the burden we all carry, whether we want it or not, to be free Americans and defend Liberty.

      Our options are few and decreasing rapidly as the government grows more openly hostile to We the People. We either stand up now or we will soon be forced to kneel before the power of a tyrannical dictatorship.

      I made my choice. I joined a Constitutional Militia. We advocate a return to our Constitutional Republic as intended by our Founders. We do NOT advocate violence nor do we advocate the overthrow of our government. We do demand they the government accept its limitations as clearly defined by the original Constitution, not some fraudulent "living breathing" piece of paper fabricated by the marxists-progressives.

      The time has come for the people to decide what they will do. Live as slaves or live and possibly die as freemen. I pray Americans make the right choice.

  7. Patriot says:

    Sad that we have fallen to such a level that allowed the most corrupt administration in the history of this great country to come to power!

  8. It seems to me anyway, that everything he has said, everthing he still wants to accomplish or has already been adopted (Obamacare), are things that will kill off people who can not afford his world OR those of us who are a real threat to his KINGDOM! High energy cost which will raise the cost of EVERYTHING! Either his goons outright murder you, you freeze to death, starve to death or die from some sickness that has a cure, but just can not afford the cost.

  9. Were allowed to talk about it but we just cant do anything about it.

    • Mike Travis says:

      WRONG! The Constitution gives We the People the ultimate power to, quote "alter or abolish" our government when it has become repressive or unresponsive to the people. Stop acting like sheep and start acting like men! Read the 2nd Amendment. It is clear our Founders penned that amendment for a reason. They knew the government would eventually grow so powerful that it would tend to become identical to the same government that led to the original War for Independence.

      So the question is will We the People sit by and whine, or will We the People stand up and defend our God-given rights?

      I made my choice when I joined a Constitutional Militia. I do not want a revolution nor am I advocating for one. What I do want is for the government to retreat to its original purpose as INTENDED by our Founders. If they do not and they continue on their current path, we will eventually lose ALL the freedoms for which our ancestors fought and DIED. The only option, given that our entire government from the WH to the local justice of the peace is corrupt and unresponsive, is to take a stand and demand that our God-given rights be returned to us. If they refuse, we have the RIGHT to alter or abolish the government.

      It may come to that so what will We the People do? I made my choice and I pray that the American people wake up, stand up, and take OUR government back form those who are intentionally destroying it.

  10. michael says:

    If Congress doesn't do something to oust Obama especially over the birth certificate issue being a forgery then anyone in the position who could have done something should as well be voted out of office. I wake up everyday praying I see a headline saying Obama has stepped down. Yet he continues to campaign and carry on as if nothing is wrong and the media continues to be silent on this issue which will be an end result of total distrust in the system. If that's the way they want it then so be it, lets vote these criminals out of office. If someone knows a crime has been committed and doesn't do anything about it then they are just as guilty.

  11. These men are about the destruction of the US
    They are killing us and our environment with chemical spraying
    Here in Baltimore the trees are dead since the assault started on 1/1/12

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