Lou Dobbs Lays It Out: Obama Cannot Be Trusted


Lou Dobbs told Bill Hemmer that President Obama “has shown again and again” that he cannot be trusted.

Alan Long, mayor of Murrieta, California, said, “The root cause of this, whatever we do here in Murrieta, we’re going to maintain the safety of everyone; but that’s just a bandaid. If we don’t fix the problem in Washington D.C., this will just continue to happen over and over again. And when it’s not in Murrieta, it’ll be somewhere else. We need to fix the root cause of the problem, and that needs to be done at the federal level.”

“This is the imperious presidency, Bill. This is the president who feels he has permission, has the power because it will not be checked by other branches of government nor sought by the national media,” Dobbs said. “He is not securing the border as Ed Henry [just] reported. He has mocked Republicans who said we have got to control that border. The fact of the matter is that we can’t control our own border; we can’t control immigration. If we can’t control immigration, we can’t reform it. The president has shown again and again, and certainly in the midst of this crisis, that he’s not to be trusted, that he’s not fulfilling his duty to secure the nation.”

What do you think? Do you or can you trust Obama?

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Dobbs is right Ovomit can't be trusted pure & simple

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