Lots Of Laughs In Obama’s SOTU

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I admit I dozed off once or twice.

And for the first half-hour, I thought I was watching a rerun of last year’s State of the Union address.

But I hung in there, and Tuesday night turned out to be one of President Obama’s funniest addresses yet.

He didn’t tell any jokes, not on purpose anyway.

But I thought it was pretty amusing when he listed all the great things he’s done to end two wars, create millions of new jobs, reboot our oil and gas sector, and provide affordable health care for all.

Another good laugh came when he blamed Republicans for everything still wrong with the economy, as if he hasn’t been the president for the last five years.

If it weren’t for those rotten House Republicans, he implied, by now everyone would have a 0 percent mortgage, a subsidized college loan for their kids, and an hourly wage of at least $10.10.

That “Ten-Ten” line had me rolling on the floor. It also had the president’s fellow Democrats jumping to their feet and applauding like they were part of a synchronized gymnastics team.

Every Democrat stood, clapped robotically for 22.3 seconds, and sat down. They must have done the exact same thing 30 times.

Did the president have an audience applause director hiding off-camera in the House chamber? His speech was so well scripted, I felt like I was watching a late-night talk show.

You’d think once in a while a Democrat would get so jazzed up by one of the president’s socialist ideas that she’d leap from her seat, give out a loud “Yee-haw!”, or at least remain standing for more than 22.3 seconds.

And what was the big deal with this $10.10 minimum wage for federal contract workers, anyway? Is $10.10 supposed to be catchier? More memorable? Funnier?

Why not make it $12, Mr. President? Or $25 an hour, since we’re spending federal money and you and your White House comedy writers don’t believe minimum-wage hikes destroy jobs at places like McDonalds.

And talk about a crummy joke.

The president’s grandstanding executive edict won’t go into effect until 2015. It won’t affect old contracts. And it will only affect the 200,000 workers who don’t already make more than $10.10.

Like a Jay Leno opening monologue, the president’s jokes kept coming. By my count, about half of his applause lines turned into laugh lines.

Loud snickers were heard, at least at my conservative house, when he talked about cutting bureaucracy, streamlining the tax code, fixing immigration, and putting Joe Biden in charge of a program to train new workers.

Mr. Obama even tried to take credit for the oil and gas boom that has turned the USA into an energy superpower again and created tens of thousands of high-paying jobs in North Dakota, Texas, and Pennsylvania.

The president and the applauding Democrats were the only people in the room who didn’t get that joke.

America’s exploding oil and gas production has occurred on private lands because of the technological miracle of fracking, and it’s occurred in spite of the Obama administration’s green energy policies and restrictions on drilling on federal lands.

The funniest moment of the night for me came when President Obama repeated his threat that he was going to start using his executive powers to bypass Congress if it didn’t pass his pet legislation.

Two hundred and forty-four congressional Democrats leapt to their feet and applauded mindlessly for 22.3 seconds, as if they were not members of the legislative body the president had just said he planned to castrate.

The State of the Union address was a lot of laughs. But in the end, it was a sad commentary on the man who delivered it. After five years on the job, all he proved to the country was that he’s out of ideas and still good at reading from a teleprompter.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    You see what is happening don't you after he ets jailedfor treason or his term runs out Sambo wants to take over for pervert Dave Letterman . That is why he is trying his routine on the SOTU and all his other speeches.
    You seen pictures of him wearing a diaper and one on his head trying for laughs in indonesia nightclub.

  2. Linda From NY says:

    Obama is a laughing stock and the whole world including the Americans are laughing at him but the good news is that 90% of Americans don't believe him anymore and they know he is a liar. By now most of Americans knows that this Country is being run by a ship of Fools and a Clown

  3. Tim Hoofman says:

    oh Michael Reagan you are such an idiot and a fraud.

    • Linda From NY says:

      Hey Tim you should try looking in the mirror, Obama is a laughing stock all of his policies have failed but what is NOT funny is how his policies have hurt millions of Americans with jobs and losing their healthcare.

      Obama has lied since 2007 starting with his phony BC and S.S. Obama has lost all creditability only a Fool would defend this loser Obama

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      Michael Reagan is a fraud?
      When did he put out a fraudulent birth certificate like oblameo did? That's not that you're talking about?
      I know, it was Michael Reagan's uncle that was part of the American brigade that helped to liberate Auschwitz. Right? Oh yea, that was oblameo's fraud and lie.
      Did Michael Reagan lie when he says his dad saw combat during the war like oblameo did when he claims his 'gramps' signed up the day after Pearl Harbor and saw combat?

      At least I'm sure Michael Reagan knows how to pronounce the word corps as in the Marine Corps.

      It's very easy for brain dead libs to sling accusations. It's much harder for them to provide evidence to back up their lies.
      I'm sure you haven't one shred of evidence of Michael Reagan being an idiot and fraud, unlike that I can show for oblameo.

      Now, cry me a handful of tears. You're just jealous that the Reagans will ALWAYS be held in highest respect with Americans while obama will always be known as a liar and idiot.
      Too funny.

  4. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    All of the automatons in the chamber prove that the Democrap Party is the party of the stupid. But that would insult stupid people who are smart enough to know that Obama and the Democraps are doing a bad job. So the party must be for the uniformed, misinformed, and disinformed. 

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