Lies, Lawlessness, And License – The Obama Legacy?

Photo credit: Fibonacci Blue (Creative Commons)

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions” – Unknown

Flanked by dutiful reporters, Barack Obama exclaimed to the American public on December 3, 2013, that as long he is President, the law (ObamaCare) will not be repealed. Adding defiance to the legacy of lies and lawlessness raises the all-important question – has the authority of the legislative and judicial branches of our government been nullified and concentrated from henceforth in the president? Isn’t that a dictatorship?

Entire websites are engaged in compiling accurate lists of Obama’s lies; but since everything he says is on public record, we already know that it wouldn’t require a forensic expert to prove he has repeatedly lied over the past five years.

His unilateral changes to ObamaCare have now raised a new concern – lawlessness. Could it be that the Harvard law professor does not know that only the legislature can modify laws they have previously passed? Or is it more likely that he just doesn’t care?

The attack on religious organizations and his pronouncement that same sex marriage is perfectly reasonable are summary proof that he acts from a position of license, rather than any commonly known system of morality.

Where is all this heading?

In a recent article on American, one of our contributing writers known only as “Prophecy Dude” said something that has been resonating with many across our nation. In an article entitled “Culture Change: Why is the US Military Getting a Makeover?”, Dude asks the question –

“Did Obama change this nation, or did he tap into a dam of inevitability and unleash what was already there? Is he timely in reflecting the accurate heart for where America was already headed? Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”

As attitudes about morality change, and integrity is substituted for the loose idea of ‘live and let live,’ it is clear that Obama is tapping into the inevitability.

A prime example of what kind of water is in that dam can be seen in the remarks of leftist pundit and CNN columnist L Z Granderson who told audiences that all politicians lie, but Barack Obama’s lies are OK with Americans because we know he has our best interest at heart. Wow!

As the president jacks up the toxicity of the Kool Aid, there will always be those who understand that Obama’s lies are vested in his own interests – not ours. A far more important question is, what are we going to do about it?

Granderson’s philosophy and his mitigation for Barack Obama seem fully entrenched in the black community and among liberals and leftists. But for all those who haven’t, as yet, given up the freedom to think on their own, the idea that good intentions pave the way for gross lying, immorality, and bad legislation is fully unacceptable.

When carried to its furthest extreme, how does such a philosophy play out? Can we rob banks knowing that the end produces a fine cash flow we heretofore were without – thus justifying the means? Can we commit every crime, cheat, and live like animals as long as the end justifies the means?

That complacency gives rise to despots and dictators has long passed from theory to law in the historical record of nations. America is proving to be no exception to the rule. Only when people are jogged or jolted from their sleepy perches do they become interventional if not outright revolutionary.

Even as Obama goes on his twenty-one-day offensive and selling campaign for ObamaCare, about five million Americans have had their health care plans knocked out from under them. Many more are yet to be touched by the obsession of this president. Will that be enough? Will they act?

Senate Republican Mitch McConnell says the ObamaCare legislation is “broken beyond repair”; he also asserts that only a full repeal followed by a new bill can stop the confusion. The answer to McConnell from most of America is probably’ “OK –Let’s get cracking.”

In a scene much like a punching match between two adolescents, we are busy trying to decide who started it. Against overwhelming odds, Congress is squeezed between a liberal Senate and a leftist president as we try to hold off the flood waters of Obama’s broken dam until the 2014 midterm elections, which may bring the Senate back to the right. In the interim, millions are getting the feel for ObamaCare right where it counts – the wallet.

If we can’t knock the flute from the pied piper’s hand, how about a noise to counter his refrains, a deafening noise to drown out the piper’s melody.

If we act now, perhaps we will see the great Obama apology-tour return to where it ought to be – right here at home. We would accept an apology from this president for leading the nation to the place where we are a second-rate power in the world, and for giving our youth the worst example of lawlessness since the days of Al Capone.

The great King Solomon said in his lamentations – “To subvert a man in his cause, the Lord approveth not.” (La 3: 36) How much approval can Barack Obama win from God or America for subverting an entire nation?


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Photo credit: Fibonacci Blue (Creative Commons)


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  2. Thank you my fellow Americans, in this picture. Millions more of us must do the same to take back our country. All of us can do it by deleting the Barry O website and starve it to death. Lies? or being led by dumb, dumber and dumbest. Regardless of how anyone voted, by now we've become Jim Jones followers. We're following a distracted moron who's nothing more than a megalomaniac surrounded by more of the same. His attempt to lead us on any levels is called, failure. When I listen to the hearings leveled with the framers of Obama Care, those who executed Barry's signature achievement, no one could explain Socialized medicine, the failure of the website, made pathetic excuses in stupidity by all that testified before the panel.. Why do Americans put up with this trash hitting us from every direction? Bo Care is ration care. Why would any one put up with this take over in our lives. Have we all turned into cowards? The spin dreamers called liars, have never taken responsibility for any failures in this administration from any investigation. Every one passes the buck. Congress lied every step of the way and exempted from the program. For the Republicans Party and Tea Party , it now or never.

  3. The only thing I will accept from this impostor and traitor is his resignation! NOTHING LESS!!

  4. Ok all, here is the thing and you need to pass this around. Obama's healthcare reform will fail if no one abides by it. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR OBAMACARE. that is all you have to do. the more people that refuse this law, the more problems Obama will have. What can he do, put all 70 million of us in prison? I don't think so. And, if you get fined, do not pay it. You can actually fight it due to the fact that Obama made this law when he does not have power to write/rewrite laws. That power lies with Congress and only Congress. Furthermore, any law that is passed must be upheld by everyone, no exemptions and when a law conflicts with the Constitution it becomes inferior and MUST give way to the Constitution since it is the SUPREME Law of the Land. No man can go against it. So, fellow TRUE Americans, if we want this repealed, we must not even go to the website, DO NOT sign up for it. Rebel against it and show him that the American people are in control, not him. After all, this is OUR country.

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    You knew he was a lying sack of shit after his first year as president

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