Libya: Operation Unconstitutional Idiocy

Don Feder,

What’s even more absurd and futile than going to war to spread democracy and advance human rights? Intervention to stop regimes from “killing their own people.”

This is the sole rationale offered for Obama’s Libya excursion (Operation Odyssey Dawn even sounds like a Carnival Cruise ship) – to keep a tyrant from killing his own people.

British Prime Minister David Cameron declares: “Colonel Gaddafi has made this happen. We can not allow the slaughter of civilians to continue.”

While criticizing the way the mission was undertaken (and telling the president he “must do a better job of communicating to the American people”), House Speaker John Boehner – de facto chairman of the Obama Reelection Campaign – nevertheless insists….

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  1. This all would be terribly confusing except for one premise – consider that BHO is Muslim, is seeking to impose Sharia Law over America and adamantly desires to see US as a third world country. As with Ahmadinejad, he hopes to change by introducing the first caliphate of the American Union

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