Liberty Of Floridians Threatened By “Seven50″ Initiative

Florida SC Liberty of Floridians threatened by “Seven50″ initiative

Destroying the sovereignty and freedom of United States citizens is well underway with a new doublespeak plan called Seven50, just another euphemism for Globalism through Regionalism.  Flying under the radar, federal bureaucrats and alphabet agencies have joined with local politicians in 7 Florida counties in imposing The Sustainable Communities Initiative (SCI), a United Nations-created plan that divests Americans of Constitutionally guaranteed liberty by introducing social collectivism. Vero Beach County Commissioner Bob Solari warns that the Sustainable Communities Initiative (SCI) being pushed by HUD, the EPA, and the USDOT is part of a culture which believes “government can never be too large,” as the agencies have “borrowed” $150,000,000 to “reshape America.”

Solari addressed a letter to SCI officials Michael Busha and Victor Dover, who are heading up the South Florida, seven county push to force the beautiful coastal region from Miami to Vero Beach into a federally-driven plan that would relieve local citizens of local and county representation for the next fifty years!

Solari is dead-set against that plan, as it represents a concept fraught with all of the dreaded buzz words and phrases like Agenda 21, regionalism, sustainability, and green-anything. Seven50 authors hope to sell their initiative to the American public by emphasizing the term “SMART” (smart meters, smart phones, smart appliances) in their new, politically-correct Work Group Road Show (WGRS).  Beware these new puff words popping up in local governing board agendas; attend their meetings; and oppose, oppose, oppose any efforts to take away your rights!

Solari is speaking out against a HUD, EPA, and USDOT grant to conduct “a comprehensive regional planning study through the national Sustainable Communities Initiative (SCI) grant program.”  Having been manipulated along with other citizens who attended a recent WGRS event, Solari told officials that the meeting had the feel of a “cleverly designed indoctrination session.”

Opponents of SCI are convinced that the true agenda of the initiative is the abrogation of property rights, the authority of local decision makers, and eventually the loss of representative government. “Representative Democracy is not only the form of government established at the founding of our [country], it is the form of government that made American the greatest country in the world,” Solari told the SCI activists.

“Collaborative Partnerships” such as Agenda 21 and its latest embodiment Seven50 represent very real dangers to the continued liberty of the American people as such collectivist initiatives proclaim a new era of “social justice” utterly devoid of personal freedom. For decades, values held dear by the American people have been under assault by statists who wish to impose a global construct of morality and rectitude.

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  1. Absolutely seal members are highly trained. This evil and YES EVIL administration is killing them off you can't have enemy's of the United States of America in the white house (hasn't that been proven?) And expect our military personal to be safe. We are suppose to be allies with Is real yet the people at the white house sends Egypt fighter planes. Just a few short months ago their leader swearing to destroy all Jews and Americans. This administration is aiding them not us. They are against the very people they are sworn to protect and defend us.

    • I agree…I can't comprehend how other officials who watched in real time and those who watched the video DO NOTHING …I would be screaming for justice…the hidden regime in the white house is an abomination…congress should not tolerate them.

  2. I once lived in Vero Beach! And, I am so glad I moved out of the state of Florida. It is not even a real part of the US anymore, too many ILLEGALS THERE! And getting worse, from what I saw a few months ago, when I attended my son’s wedding there! There is not enough gold in Ft.Knox or anywhere else, to induce me to ever live there again! And it would take one hell of a lot to get me to even visit that place, Florda again! It looks like a used up old whore now, not a beautiful state, not what it was even 20 short years ago! Wall to wall people, buildings, and cars everywhere, and the ILLEGAL problem is horrendous! Absolutely horrible, dreadful, and ugly! I’d have to say that the state of Florida is going the way of Californica! To hell. Never to return to it’s former beauty, and it was once, a very beautiful state! It’s lost now, to the ILLEGALS AND TRAITORS!!!!!!!

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