Liberation Means Making Peace With America

Nadra Enzi Liberation Means Making Peace With America

There are a lot of cultural cliches American Blacks must navigate.

One, the one I specialize in as a matter of fact, is escaping the cliche where we somehow are obligated to be “professionally angry” at White people ad infinitum.

My “Making Peace With America” emphasis addresses this unpleasant reality head-on. I note for community critics’ sake that Making Peace With America isn’t synonymous with making excuses for her shortcomings.

My activism includes copious complaints against Whites I or others alleged were racially biased. These complaints involved both the public and private sectors.

But, filing complaints against one group of people can’t be the extent of one’s relations with other Americans.

Common traditional values and an inclusive grassroots conservative culture has expanded my Make Peace With America coalition beyond anything professionally angry Black liberals could fathom.

I chuckle when these leftists accuse me of ignoring racism. The record speaks loudly to the contrary- plus, I address liberal racism too, which they don’t like.

One of many myriad forks in the road from progressives is my conclusion that being perpetually peeved is a poor substitute for acknowledging nigh miraculous progress in some areas and coalition building with like-minded souls who happen to be wrapped in different packaging.

Making peace, and keeping it, constitutes the one ingredient the absence of which no civilization can withstand.

Black culture, especially its lower income end, is awash in societal noise. Gunfire, raised voices, loud music, and sirens blaring drown out contemplation and serenity.

Extending this deficit to the outside community means a combative posture where crime and rudeness are considered today’s sad equivalent of civil rights activism.

Those who have yet to make peace with America content themselves to blame White Conservatives for all our ills.

Not all progressives fall in this category.

One progressive spokesman who I think has made peace with America is Dr. Cornel West, a Democratic Socialist who unfailingly calls everyone “brother” and “sister” (opponents Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck included.)

His liberal supporters ought to note this as they fume on camera at yet another “Blame Whitey!” press conference.

Absent staging an armed coup, being professionally angry is a poor substitute for effective problem-solving. It sells tickets, books, and videos but accomplishes nothing!

Making Peace With America for me means operating as an individual free of the limitations of a captive past.

As such, I take Americans (regardless of color) on a case-by-case basis as individuals, instead of tentacles from some collective.

It also means I don’t pull to my proverbial bosom human vipers I call chocolate Klansmen (urban thugs), sun-tanned socialists (Black liberal mouth pieces in office and out), and other enemies because of ethnicity.

Black liberals who run the phrase “Black liberation” into the ground should realize that liberation in its truest form means making peace with America.

If Congressman John Lewis, a liberal icon who was savagely beaten by police throughout his 1960s civil rights career, can make peace with America, what’s the excuse of younger blacks today?

Absent peace, our community and the country surrounding it falls from within.

That doesn’t seem very liberating to me.


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