Liberals Just Now Waking Up To Obama Hangover

Barack Obama American flag SC Liberals Just Now Waking Up to Obama Hangover

It’s not nice to laugh at stupid people, but sometimes the Left just makes it so difficult to refrain.

This has been a rough start to 2013 for liberals, who have been rudely awakened to reality by a host of recent surprises from their leaders — surprises, that is, to liberals who just don’t seem to get how foreshadowing works.

It’s the second week of the year, two months after the election, and it’s just now dawning on a lot of liberals that under Obama, their taxes are going up, health care premiums are rising, and even the poor and middle class are getting screwed by the Man Who Would Be King. They didn’t want to believe it, but then the first paychecks of the year arrived.

And now they’re upset.

If you want a chuckle, read through some of the liberal twits’ tweets at the #WhyIsMyPaycheckLessThisWeek hash tag. The broken hearts of Obama voters will have you torn between out-loud laughter or snide sympathy, like for a puppy that’s just bitten its own tail or a cat with its head stuck in a box.

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  1. Good for them I hope these obama morons get tax real good alot less money in their pay checks

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