Liberal Entitlements: Popularizing Poverty And Dependence Since 1965

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“Ahh, the inhumanity!!”

That has been the liberal rallying cry since the 1960’s. With a massive liberal majority in Congress in 1965, Lyndon Johnson implemented his Great Society program. It established Medicare and Medicaid to provide healthcare to disadvantaged groups such as the elderly and the poor while expanding Social Security to include things such as welfare benefits.

This is when the War on Poverty began.

With the onset of Obamacare as the fourth entitlement, opposition to it has been attacked with such gems as “Republicans want you to die quickly,” or that the Republicans were going to “push Granny off the cliff.” Implementing Obamacare was the humane thing to do.

With the three entitlement programs that have been in place since 1965, the question I have is simple – Have they worked? The answer is a resounding no!

Liberals are unwillingly to realize that you cannot legislate the poor into success. When poverty becomes comfortable, it goes from being a condition to a way of life. When liberals decided to increase the amount of benefits provided to the poor (which happens every year automatically) because “with a little more help, they will be able to make it on their own” the poor become more entrenched in their entitlement mentality. They will do even less to change any aspect of their life because they are certain that liberals will continue to provide more for them so they can work even less.

Under Obama, poverty has risen to heights never before seen in this country. You see individuals such as this lady voting for Obama because she wants her Obamaphone. One thing to reinforce my point about the entitlement mentality the poor has developed – “…keep Obama as President…he is going to do more…” She is not going to do anything – Obama is.

Then you have this woman who has had 15 children with no means of supporting them, but insists that “someone needs to pay for all my children…for all our suffering.” She isn’t responsible for having 15 children. She says that someone else is.

The liberals’ war on poverty is a resounding defeat.

However, the liberals’ solution is not to reform the existing entitlement programs or to eliminate them altogether. No, of course not! Their solution is to create another entitlement program to legislate the poor into success by providing health care so they will not have to concern themselves with it. (FYI – That is what Medicare and Medicaid do already.)

Meanwhile, Obama has also declared that being on food stamps is your righteven if you are illegal. Obama has declared that you are entitled to a house you cannot pay for, higher education (even if you are unqualified), and on and on. He even said that we need to spread the wealth around so that others can be as successful as you while doing nothing.

The next question is also simple – Why did the liberals lose the war on poverty?

Let’s start with the fraud, waste, and abuse.

One rationale for the implementation of Obamacare was that there was an exuberant amount of fraud in Medicare and Medicaid. AARP has estimated that fraud, waste, and abuse is close to $100 billion. In 2010, CBS News projected this amount at $60 billion and described it as a growing criminal industry. In 2009, the Obama Administration released a fact sheet stating that fraud, waste, and abuse of Medicare and Medicaid totaled $54 billion. So, within Obama’s first term, the amount of fraud, waste, and abuse of Medicare and Medicaid has almost doubled within 4 years. (Do realize that this is not even touching on the amount of fraud there is with Social Security.)

What about the disparity between receiving entitlements and working for a living?

The poor actually live better by doing nothing than people earning minimum wage in 35 states. In thirteen states, it pays $15/hour. Think about that. You can get paid $31,200 to do NOTHING! Of course, since you would be on welfare, you would also qualify for other benefit programs such as food stamps, housing assistance, living assistance, and many of the other entitlement programs liberals say will make you successful. However, by providing these ever-increasing entitlements, liberals have allowed people to live quite comfortably while doing nothing.

By the way, the welfare champions are Hawaii (tax-free), Washington D.C., Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York, where you can earn over $43,000 to do nothing. Notice a trend – they are all Democrat states.

Someone needs to explain to these recipients that they are supposed to get off entitlements and actually get a job where they work for a living. But why should they when the liberals will provide even more to them?

Bill Clinton campaigned on reforming entitlements because it was supposed to be a “second chance, not a way of life.” Obama has not only made it a way of life. He has made it a badge of courage and respectability to be totally dependent on the government.

So, why are people against Obamacare?

It is another entitlement that will fail. It is another entitlement that will create another generation that will not expect to work, but will expect the government to provide for them. Simply put – it is another defeat for the liberals who have already lost the war but just won’t admit it. Liberals encourage the entitlement mentality with the same mantra – “If we give them a little more, then we will win it.”

Since that will never work, it is up to the rational people in America to stop it.

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