Liberal Claims Oklahoma Tornado Targeted Conservatives’

oklahoma SC Liberal Claims Oklahoma Tornado Targeted Conservatives’

Just as a massive tornado was devastating the Oklahoma City area, “The Daily Show” co-creator Lizz Winstead took to Twitter to claim that the tornado was targeted at conservatives.

“This tornado is in Oklahoma so clearly it has been ordered to only target conservatives,” Winstead tweeted in an apparent attempt at humor, trying to compare the Internal Revenue Service targeting of conservatives to the tornado bearing down on Oklahoma.

Read More at The Daily Caller . By Caroline May.

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  1. Yeah, clearly god is punishing conservatives for harrassing Obama

    • you must be a communist defending your messiah which he throw your Arse in the Fema Camps along with everybody else. Ever heard of Fema Camp, you should google it and do your research on it. obama does not give a crap about you and he will throw you under the bus into the Fema Camp. Ha Ha Ha

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      No, CLEARLY God hates liberals. He's trying to take all of you out. First he hit you with 9/11 then Katrina. He also took out a lot with Sandy.
      CLEARLY God hates wussy liberals.
      Now for the "big one" on the West Coast and it will be complete!

    • Hey big al, are you a fag? I know obama is a homo, I have read and heard that obama visited many times bath houses in chcago that cater to queers

  2. what a piece of garbage news this is…as they say: garbage in and garbage out!!! This wasn't even worth reporting ON with so many people dead including children God rest their souls. Have some people lost their minds totally or is displaying their SICK humor the only intelligence they have???

  3. dadzrites says:

    George Bush created this tornado!!!!!!!!

  4. di from Oregon says:

    Lizz has a twisted sense of humor to say the least. Just because obummer and the IRS targeted conservatives for real!

  5. Minnie Mouse says:

    What a hateful bitch! I didn't hear anyone say that kind of thing out loud, for God sakes, when the Noreaster hit the east coast. What is she God now, or looking in her crystal ball metting out death wishes?

  6. A lot of liberals do not run on all cylinders (i.e. – the elevator doesn't go all the way to the top). What a dumb thing to say

  7. nexgenesis says:

    Difficult to give anyone that stupid any credibility at all. I just wonder if she realizes how stupid she sounds. Probably not, most liberals don't.

  8. This person needs to be locked up for life she is a danger to everyone what a nut case

  9. hanginjudge says:

    Everyone that is complaining about her idiotic statement is unaware of what "Liberal" humor is all about.
    First off it requires a complete lack of information or ignorance of fact. She was trying to be funny it says. To liberals humor is such things as Benghazi which is in the words of one Howard Dean a laughable matter. As far as Winstead is concerned this twit prefers to ignore "facts" such as IRS targeting of conservatives in spite of all of the evidence that this is an undeniable truth. But then again she is a liberal therefore uninformed or pretending to be so.

    We should really feel sorry for these people it can't be very pleasant going through life with your heads so firmly jammed up your asses that your idea of a sunrise is when you open your mouth to yawn.

    • wayne mann says:

      Hanging judge….. the last part of your commentary is hilarious thank you for the laugh.!!!

    • You're a moron.

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        Interesting you just made this comment: "Typical conservative. Insulting and divisive. And no substance."
        Then go on to prove you're just describing yourself. LMAO

        • I meant "moron" literally. Not as an insult. I think you, too are a moron, but I don't mean that as an insult. I mean that you are intellectually challenged, ie: a moron.

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            I'm sure you did since you have such a limited vocabulary. Typical of a brain dead obot sheeple liberal.

      • hanginjudge says:

        I think you're confusing me with the guy in the White House, But that was an incredibly well thought out retort Al. Did you have to use spellchecker?

  10. Sherlock Holmes says:

    Is Lizz saying that gov HAARP is responsible for the twister, if she has personal information she needs to go before a hearing.

    • HAARP is responsible for sure. (Research THE HAARP PROJECT) Expect disaster each and every time The White House is in trouble. This is not GOD, this is evil government at work.

  11. ??????? says:

    Everything is a laughable matter to the Communistic Liberals. Every Liberal needs to go through a mental incompetence check to make sure they are stable if they are not off to the sanitarium for you. Just like an asylum.

  12. A. Patriot says:

    The DAILY SHOW ??? The DAILY SHOW ??? Are they kidding ???
    That DOPE on the daily show can say ANYTHING HE WANTS (and does) but HE IS IRRELEVANT !!!

    He tries to be a comedian BUT HE IS NOT EVER FUNNY !!!!


  13. Insensitive Bitch!!!

  14. wayne mann says:

    I think Liz and Big Al have had too much meth amphetamine…. typical liberals.

    • Typical conservative. Insulting and divisive. And no substance.

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        Isn't it the oblameo 'administration' that is insulting and divisive?
        Well at least Conservatives aren't KNOWN liars, cheaters and cowards as this 'administration' is.

        • Really? Mark Sanford isn't a liar and a cheater?

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            I'm glad for you. At least you could find ONE to name call. I can go with oblameo, hillary, holder, miller etc. etc. etc.
            At least Sanford isn't facing America for his lies and deception like your losers are. LMAO

          • Here's some more GOP liars and cheaters for you: Nixon, Rove, Delay, Cheney…..all proven liars, and I can go on. Politicians lie, regardess of party. So you're wrong. Conservatives are just as much, if not more so, liars and cheaters as "liberals". You're just too partisan to admit it.

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            And so you have the cases to PROVE that Rove, Delay or Cheney are liars? No? Didn't think so. The media has called out Debbie Wasserman Schultz so many times for her lies she's just a joke now. Carney looks like he's going to cry every time the media calls him out on his lies. Holder's been called out. H.Clinton is a known liar. Oblameo is in hiding from being known as a liar!
            It would be so much easier saying who ISN'T a liar when it comes to this 'administration' than it is who's a liar. Even down to Ms. Lerner who plead the 5th today!!
            Care to name another administration where there were this MANY blatant liars? Not even NIXON'S administration was this bad!!
            Don't be so sad the curtain is coming down showing what a failure, liar and coward the loser who stole our White House is.
            At least Nixon had the respect to resign. Not like the liar and coward in office now who refuses to accept what he's done and wants to take America down with him.
            You keep sticking up for the cowardly liar-and-cheat. All it does is show what a failure you are. Even the liberal LSM is turning against you!
            You can try to call me partisan, but isn't that the EXACT reason the IRS is in such deep trouble? LMAO

          • Well, if you weren't such a radical conservative hater, you'd realize that most professional politicians are liars, not just your hated "liberal" ones. But you're blinded by your "scorched earth" neo-con ideology and your sick hatred for anyone outside your narrow, ignorant mindset. Anyone who believes that only democrats, or "liberals" are liars, and everyone else tells the truth 100% of the time is incredibly naive, or in your case, also just extremely biased and/or stupid and willfully ignorant. So again, you are obviously a highly ideological and partisan hack. People like you are ruining the country with your hatred and derision. Luckily, the demographics are changing and knucklehead idiots like you are dying out. We need to stop with the partisan bickering and work together to solve common problems, and stop carrying on with the nonsensensical hatred as evidenced by your comments, and indeed this assinine website as well.

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            Aren't you just describing yourself when you say "radical" and "hater"? It is YOU, after all, that has tried to make hateful and derisive attacks MULTIPLE times throughout this article alone.
            You are trying to force your warped views and love for lies and cowards on almost every comment. If that's not the definition of "radical and hater", nothing is.
            I never said 'only' brain dead liberals and pathetic cowardly democrats are liars. That is yet another FACT you choose to overlook, as you have with all the other facts you ignore. I said there has never, in the HISTORY of America, been so many open and blatant liars as there has been with this 'administration'. Yet another 'first'.
            It's interesting you claim it's those exposing the lies, derisive and cowardly acts of this 'administration' as the problem when it's clearly the White House, the IRS and the DOJ who were actually CAUGHT in the very same act you accuse and defend so ardently. I'm seriously concerned if you can survive when the smoke and mirrors of the failure comes crashing down. It won't be long now.
            You need to get your nose out of the ass of these cowards destroying our country and accept the facts.
            Some day you will wake up. Some day you'll realize you are living in a fantasy world and when you do, you'll realize you have been the victim of the greatest hoax in history. Are you that ignorant that you would fall for such a ruse? Of course you are. Your undying devotion to the failure shows just how pathetic you are.
            You need to head back to the HuffPost or MSNBC where you can be in the company of other brain dead, lying and coward loving idiots.
            Websites, like this one, is only for those who want the facts and are not drunk on the blind love for the one destroying America.
            Talk about being a political hack. It would take too long to make the list of all the political hacks in this 'administration' and those who follow him like sheep.
            You reek of desperation and fear.

          • No, I'm not describing myself. I'm describing you and other neo-con radicals like yourself. Of course I'm not surprised that you're in total denial. Most, if not all radical conservatives are in denial. You probably thought Romney would win by a landslide, didn't you?
            Also, you and others like you, seem to think you have a monopoly on "facts", yet very clearly your "facts" are colored by your fundamentalist neo-con ideology. You can start by looking up the word FACT in the dictionary. A FACT, from the Latin "factum" means something that has actually occurred. This means it must be verifiable. It is not verifiable that this administration has more liars than any other. So this is nothing more than an opinion that you like to refer to as fact. So, basically you're full of shit.

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            No, there's no doubt you're describing yourself. Are you in denial about that also? How sad. Someday you may grow up.
            So now that you know the definition of the word 'fact', are you going to finally accept them?
            CAN you accept the fact your messiah is a coward? Can you accept the fact he is a liar? How about the facts of how big a FAILURE he has been?How sad you refuse to admit the fact this 'administration' has more liars than even Nixon's had. No other 'administration' has had the head of the DOJ, the IRS, Head of the DOD, Secretary of State, the CIA, FBI, even the one sitting in the presidents seat on down to a lowly worker are KNOWN liars. U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice was told to go out and lie to the people! How about Lois Lerner trying to plead the 5th?!? She couldn't even do THAT right! LMAO
            At least Nixon and Carter love oblameo. They finally know they are not the WORST president in America's history. Oblameo has officially taken that spot.
            What's more so is your love affair for this murdering, lying coward.
            I bet you believe oblameo won by a landslide, don't you? LMAO That's what all brain dead liberal obot sheeple believe even though facts say otherwise.
            Maybe someday you'll get out of mommy's basement and be part of the real world. The first step is realizing you've been in denial all this time.
            You still reek of desperation and fear.

  15. Rolfadinho says:

    The next tornado will hit a liberal area. I wonder what this Liz dude will say then.

    • ConanTheRepublican says:

      GOOD, innocent people are paying the price (as has happened throughout history), for the EVIL of liberalism.

  16. Ha ha ha. You conservatives are such hypocrites. I'm sure you all supported the comments from religious conservatives that Hurricane Katrina and 9-11 were punishment for liberalism. So now, when someone – in jest – suggests the same thing for the Oklahoma tornado, you all get your panties wadded up. Pathetic! But hilarious as well.

    • If anybody is pathetic it is you, shame on you for supporting a Hitler wanna be. Man are you that dumb not to know what is going on? At least do some research on what Obozo stands for, if you support socialist views and communist and that is what you want for yourself and your love ones then keep doing what you do best, making a fool out of yourself and show your stupidity.

    • are you a communinst? do you not know what obozo stands for? at least do some research on him and get the facts before you come here and open your foolish mouth.

      • You obviously don't have a monopoly on "facts". But you do seem to have a monopoly on twisted radical conservative ideology. Please see a mental heathcare professional.

    • Michael Norell says:

      Big Al must have a feeble mind. Comparing the suffering these people are going though at this time with your mean nothing political bs is just insane. If you're an Obama supporter, I can see why I'd support any one but him. You are one sick puppy Al.

      • Michael, you're a fool and a clown, or maybe just intellectually slow like the rest of the conservative idiots on this website. This isn't about suffering. It's about a comedian that made some off hand comments that were comparable to comments made by religious conservatives in the past. But yeah, I know. You conservatives are hypocrites and don't want to be reminded of that. Unlike you, my comments are directed at the substance of this article regarding a supposed "liberal" who is joking that the tornado was targeting conservatives. No doubt you had nothing to say when religous conservatives were claiming that Katrina and 9-11 were targeting liberals. So yeah, you're just so far off the mark with your comments. My farts have more intellectual content than your comments here.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      Yea funny isn't it? Severe storms killing Americans. Well at least it was God who took these people. Not like a wussy of a man believing he is a god called oblameo who left Americans behind to be murdered.
      See, you had Katrina, Sandy, 9/11 to hit your pansy asses and Conservatives have A tornado.
      Guess God really DOES hate liberals since you seem to get the brunt of the attacks. LMAO

      • You, at least, admit that your god was targeting liberals with Katrina and 9-11. You're an idiot, just like the rest of these imbeciles on this pathetic website, but unlike most, you're at least honest in your absurdity. The bigger problem is morons like you can't seem to understand that this country is so much more than just liberals and conservatives. But I know how the conservative anti-intellectual crowd craves simplicity and hates complexity. The hatred for Obama coming from the extreme right is certainly front and center on this website. Does anyone really believe that Obama can be impeached over these faux scandals? Good luck.

        • Seeks_the_truth says:

          THE God is targeting all, he just hates liberals and democrats the most.
          Do you feel 'big' trying to call someone an idiot? Isn't it enough to know you ARE one? Or is that the typical brain dead liberal talking point?
          At least HONESTY is something that your failure and your wasted side can't claim. While brain dead obot sheeple like you want to believe these are faux scandals the REST of the world knows they aren't.
          Is it that you see the end is near and you grasp at what ever you can?
          Don't need luck, just time. Something you're in short supply of.
          Of course America hates oblameo. He's destroying our America and Constitution after all.

          • You guys go ahead and cling to your radical fundamentalist ideology. Take it to your graves. It should be obvious to you that the majority of the electorate doesn't agree with you, and with the demographic shifts, it never will. You guys are dinosours, stuck in your own foolishness. I feel sorry for you. To exist in hatred and fallacy must be pretty miserable.

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            Haven't you realized it yet? Are you THAT brain dead?
            We don't NEED your permission.
            We'll save America like we always do after brain dead liberals try to destroy her. Just par for the course.
            Remember, we are the ones who "clings to guns and the Bible". You have no hope. LMAO

        • Brandon F says:

          In respect to anyone that was harmed by any natural disaster, I feel it is childish, pathetic, and moronic to say that anything causing such a disaster was a target on either parties. Likewise if something was said about katrina and 9-11 i would say that is ridiculous for anyone to say, same goes with the oklahoma incident. People were killed people are in need and in all respect to anyone we are americans and no matter what, we will stay americans. I am a republican and I am deeply sorry for anyone that was harmed in this disaster but targeting each other is not going to fix this problem or help anyone out in need. they are for the most part honest hardworking people just like anyone else.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Is this asshole for real ?He must be one of those welfare bums leaching off the working class most likely he has an Obutthole phone and Ipad.

        • Seeks_the_truth says:

          Think about it. He's sticking up for a failure, liar and coward. Doesn't say much about his character.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      With a name like Big Al you must be one of those fat asses who don't work for a living collecting your food stamps and anything else you can glum on to provided by the half black Santa.You my dickhead shouldn't get his balls in a uproar.

      • Ha ha, you couldn't be more wrong in your ignorant assessment. I'm quite certain I'm better off than you, and I'm obviously more intelligent and informed.

  17. Evermyrtle says:

    I am of the opinion that the anti-GOD were targeted, it is they who are fighting everything that pertains to GOD.
    Were the homosexuals killed, or were any baby murderers killed?? I wonder!!!

  18. Lizz if the tornado hit Oklahoma because the state is conservative I have a statue of Rocky Balboa to sell you.

  19. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Well the brain dead liberals have to find SOME way to get the news off the failure in office. They're hoping people will forget about the coward leaving Americans behind to die or the lies he's told about all the scandals.
    If they could at least get the people to forget about using the IRS to target his 'enemies' they'd be happy.

  20. Edwardkoziol says:

    Obutthole probably went to his wich doctor and asked him to create these massive tornados to get rid of white people that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

  21. Retired Marine says:

    Only a lying libtard ocommie lover would take joy in the loss of life, destruction and devastation of several areas of our country. Is it your hope that this will detract from the investigations of your beloved anti-Christ leader? Oh I forgot, you thought that was funny, go figure.

    • Oh yeah? You mean like conservatives Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell blaming god for targeting 9-11 and Katrina? You're a jackass !!!

  22. Andybinga says:

    When does open season on liberals start?

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