Liberal Billionaire Says 99.5% Of Americans Are “Not Super Sophisticated”

Photo Credit: Fortune Live Media (Flickr)

Billionaire hedge-fund manager Tom Steyer, was trying to explain why most Americans do not believe in global warming–by saying that almost all of America is “not super-sophisticated.”

Speaking at a climate conference hosted by the American Renewable Energy Institute, Steyer said:

“I think if you were to go around to the most of the – what I would think of as super-sophisticated people who think about politics and policy more than five minutes a month – we are doing really well.”

“And the question in the United States of America is how are we doing with everybody else, which is the 99.5 percent of the people whose lives are very busy and complicated and pressing and they don’t have a lot of time to think about the things that don’t immediately impact themselves and their family.”

“And I would say on the former we’re kicking ass and in the latter we have a long way to go,” he added. “If we’re going to make a difference, we can’t just hit the people who are focused on policy in the United States. We have to understand how we can reach a much broader audience and make them understand why this is important to them and their families.”

But not to worry for us lesser “not-so-sophisticated” folk; the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE) had a few words to knock Steyer off of his high horse:

“Since when do we live in a country where only the self-professed ‘super-sophisticated people’ get to make decisions for everyone else? Tom Steyer has spent millions bankrolling candidates and organizations whose efforts are leaving hard-working Americans without work, without economic security and without hope for the future. And, today, he demonstrated once again how totally out-of-touch he is with the priorities of the ‘broad audience’ of Americans he so offensively characterized in Aspen today,” said Laura Sheehan, senior vice president for communications at the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE).

“Perhaps people aren’t as simple-minded as Mr. Steyer thinks, because they certainly aren’t buying what he and his elitist friends are selling. What Mr. Steyer fails to understand is that the American people are, in fact, thinking about what immediately impacts their lives and families because ‘super-sophisticated people’ like himself and President Obama are not.”


Photo Credit: Fortune Live Media (Flickr)

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Time to take out this rich asshole by the name of Tom Steyer who made his money off the backs of coal miners If there was a away to take this guy to the poor house I wish someone would do it.Time to look into his backggound and see what skeletons are in his closet.You don't ghet rich without stepping on someone.

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