Levin: GOP Better Win Big, Or Throw Them Out


Conservative talk show host Mark Levin had a field day with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-NV) controversial comments at the Asian Chamber of Commerce in Las Vegas this week.

“You want to hear racist?  I’m going to show you racist.  And of course, they’ll give this guy a pass. Because he’s carrying Obama’s water.  His name is Harry Reid.  Have you heard of Harry Reid?  Yes, he’s the Majority Leader of the United States Senate.  And the Democrats have a habit of picking people like this.  Robert Byrd.  As far as I know, in modern times, the only Klansman ever to be Majority Leader.  No, he wasn’t a Republican.  Yes, he was a Democrat.  And now we have Harry Reid.  No, not a Republican.  Yes, a Democrat!”

After playing the clips from the Chamber of Commerce meeting, Levin pointed out that Reid has a habit of making such blunders and that the Republican Party should achieve a major victory in 2014.  But Levin thinks the GOP is not poised to win the Senate easily.

“The Republicans are not doing so great.  I’m not one of these that thinks this is going to be an overwhelming landslide.  The people detest what’s going on in this country, but once again, for the most part, the Republicans offer them vanilla.  I’m not talking about skin color, I’m talking about substance.”

Levin concluded the segment:

“If the Republicans do not have a big win in the U.S. Senate this time around.  If the Republicans don’t take six, eight, nine, ten seats, then it’s time to throw all these establishment bastards out who’ve taken over the Republican apparatus.  Because they now will have had three election cycles to take the Senate back and failed.”

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