Let’s Throw A Tea Party For The Longshoremen

Longshoremen SC Let’s throw a Tea Party for the Longshoremen

After 240 years, it’s time we threw a Tea Party for the Longshoremen (and all other trade and industrial unions)

I’ve been intrigued with the sudden awakening of the trade and industrial unions to the fact they’ve been had by Obama and his Sorosian handlers.

The union movement got its spiritual base about 122 years ago with Pope Leo XIII’s encyclical Rerum Novarum – on Capital and Labor. It also explains why Catholics continue to cling to the Democrat Party, even though it left its principles in the sump of an outhouse decades ago.

Ronald Reagan–the nation’s only labor leader President and one who successfully took on the communists in Hollywood–joined with Pope John Paul II to work with Poland’s Solidarity Union leader Lech Walesa to bring down the Soviet hegemony – maybe even the empire.

What few people remember is that Reagan wisely called on the late Frank Fitzsimmons, then President of the Teamsters International Union, to advise and work with Walesa.

Today, I see an opportunity to bring the Tea Party philosophy into the union movement. They are certainly ripe for solutions. The key is not just solidarity, but subsidiarity – not one or the other, but both applied in unison. Personal responsibility and e pluribus unum are what made this country great. Pope Benedict XVI covered it quite well in his encyclical Caritas in veritate – Charity in truth – specifically points 57. and 58.

I was intrigued when 40,000 Longshoremen walked out of the communist-run AFL-CIO over Obamacare. Seems the Tea Party and the Longshoremen haven’t had a serious encounter since that 1773 incident in Boston Harbor. Hmmm! December 16th is the 240th anniversary. Isn’t it about time?

By the way, here’s some food for thought:

Participating in a gun buy-back program because you think that criminals have too many guns is like having yourself castrated because you think your neighbor has too many kids. Problem is – this makes sense to a “progressive!”


Photo credit: WSDOT (Creative Commons)

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