Lets Rename Black History Month American History Month

Black History Month SC Lets Rename Black History Month American History Month

My fellow Americans of all colors and creeds, this proposal will offend some and comfort others. It is offered in the spirit of fulfilling the pledge E Pluribus Unum: ” Out of Many One. ”

I propose we rename the annual February observance known as Black History Month. My suggestion is: “American History Month.”

Historian Dr. Carter G. Woodson founded its precursor, Negro History Week, in 1926, at the height of open racism against American Blacks.

It was unquestioned that we were written out of American history, and what was said wasn’t very flattering. The observance evolved into a month-long intensive recognition of our contributions to this country and humanity.

Generations of heroic sacrifice by ourselves and allied Americans have reloaded the nation today, where we are more informed about ourselves than at any time.

I propose we take this February observance and make it an exploration of how we’ve upgraded from outcasts to citizenship.

Black History Month partisans will obviously howl heresy!

They’ll say that removing its ethnic focus robs us of precious self-knowledge yet again.

I counter that if we cannot present ourselves as Americans finally, then all legal enfranchisement efforts were in vain.

The idea of a Black History Month in a post-segregation America smacks of separatism to a population made to bear the burden of past racism.

Renaming Black History Month would be the final olive branch needed to end a racial cold war between American Blacks and Whites, which must end if America is to bury large-scale racism forever.

American History Month wouldn’t whitewash the Black presence in America.

It would welcome the American presence of Blacks as finally part of her body politic- not as ironically self-imposed outcasts a generation after full enfranchisement.

How does this sound throughout February 2013?:

“Happy American History Month!”

Just a thought from your Americentric brother!


Cap Black, The Hood Conservative, says,
“ Happy American History Month! ”

504 214-3082

Help Cap Black Help Others!


” Be your OWN Superhero!”

Photo credit: Toban Black (Creative Commons)

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  1. By allowing the distinctions of separation of people by racial descriptions people are only furthering the Racial discrimination of Americans. It is time to remove all such separations there should be only two. American and Not American. All else is race based discrimination!

  2. Seeks_the_truth says:

    What I find most interesting is that after forced segregation, the Black race ENCOURAGES segregation now.
    Until we all start ONLY belonging to the HUMAN race, racism will never die.

    • VirgoVince says:

      OK, but when are the ni666ers going to join the HUMAN race?? They have to STOP acting like animals and most of them don't know how!! The only thing that separates them is that they can speak, but most don't speak English, even after 100s of years of opportunity!!
      Black history is every day of the year, wherever they are!! How about 'equal' rights, not 'special' rights??

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        That was really my point. When they start acting like humans, only then can there be hope.
        Until then, we will fight back against their pathetic assaults and show them they aren't the boss.

        • VirgoVince says:

          Thank you, Seeks, WE DO have to fight back or WE will be defeated!!

          • Edwardkoziol says:

            Vince your right we do have to fight back because right now these iggers are taking advantage of the word racist.If theyn want something free and you oppose it your a racist and that shit has to stop

      • Virgo, I wouldn’t insult the animal kingdom by calling these idiotic jerks “animals”. My dogs and cats have better sense than do most of those freaks! I have to say, I like Cap’s suggestion, American History Month makes a lot more sense than any one particular race/color in this country! Because if we were all born here, and we all loved our country as much as Cap seems to, then we are all AMERICANS, never mind the color of the skin! Hell, my dogs are American dogs, and my cats are American cats, they don’t give a crap where they may have originated from, they were born in the US, and this makes them AMERICAN ANIMALS! I do not see the need to be constantly reminded that the “black” race came from africa and other nations whose people are mostly of that skin color, it is really quite obvious if one looks at them! And, no one really cares either, so why drive it into the ground as they do with this and that “african” bullshite!? Either be an AMERICAN or don’t, and if you choose NOT TO BE, then get your silly, stupid rearends on some sort of transport and go live in africa, or haiti if this is what you want. If not, THEN SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT BEING “african” this or “african” that. Seems to me, from what I read and hear about that hellish nation, all those who live there do is KILL EACH OTHER! And, the suggestion that these “african” idiots here who contstantly bang on their jungle drums about their “beloved african roots” go back to the place and live there for a year, (my wish is that they go, and STAY THERE) and try America again, see how it feels then. I’d bet they wouldn’t live long enough to GET back here! not a problem as far as I am concerned, less idiots to deal with!

        • Edwardkoziol says:

          They will never leave America to go back to their roots.Do you think in Africa they would get all these entitlement programs or get paid big salaries for sports in Africa these people aren't that stupid.Ask yourself why didn't they go back after Lincoln freed them.Yes it should be American History month can you imagine the shit that would have happened if we declared White History month.

        • Point well made and accepted as intended, Dis!! However, you miss a very important fact; WE CHOOSE to own and care for cats, dogs, birds, or other animals, lovingly, as you do!!
          WE DON'T have that choice with FORCED integration of 2 legged, UNevolved animals that still behave like their ancestors!! Skin color and origin are/is irrelevant!!
          Did you forget one of my earlier posts?? "Not all blacks are ni666ers and not all ni666ers are black!!" Referring to our entire current regime!! Is that more clear??

  3. Danny Alan says:

    There will be a very good oportuinty in Aug. 13 to install a White History Month and once or twice annually have a White Wednesday store buying day

  4. That’s the best suggestion I’ve heard out of all of this. Now u could make for a great president. God bless u. The color of skin should not matter. U have to let the past go. We in the present weren’t in that ignorance of man. We are all blood brother and sisters

  5. White History Months ! Yellow History Weeks. ! Red History ?

  6. Patriotic American History Year!

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