Let Memorial Day Teach Our Children

zackery Let Memorial Day Teach Our Children
I am sure that millions of families in this great Republic of ours have someone in thier family tree who have fought and died in service to the United States of America. As our younger generations are now consumed with multiple hours of playing video games that are based on war scenarios, or are engrossed in Twilight movies, zombie movies and all things that are death related, it is time to show them the real meaning of Memorial Day.

Therefore, my idea is this: on this Memorial Day, as the flags are flying across this Nation at our cemetaries, take your children for a visit. Let them study the grave markers of our fallen heroes; encourage them to create pencil rubbings of the stones. Teach them the history of war that the liberal public schools refuse to do. Turn their fascination with death and destruction into a positive learning expirience. Show them how to truly honor the fallen who have protected the very Freedom that they now take for granted.

As morbid as this idea sounds, it really isn’t any worse then watching the walking dead on TV or vampires killing people to suck thier blood. We as parents and grandparents MUST teach the next generations about the history of all of our fallen warriors as no one else is going to do it. We must ensure that our children are on the correct historical track before our history is gone. This Memorial Day, my friends and fellow Patriots, I implore you to embrace this idea. You will be part of helping to save the true history of America. May God bless our generations of fallen heroes and our Vets. Stay safe, and always be aware of your surroundings.

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  1. Education is a process of self awareness. It gives self realization that we are, what we are and how we have to live in society and can play better role for the welfare of society.

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