Lessons Learned In Boston

Boston SC Lessons Learned in Boston

The beautiful Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Center for Public Affairs in Simi Valley, Calif. was the last place I expected to be reminded of the violence that paralyzed the city of Boston last week and turned it into a mini-Baghdad.

But I was reading my father’s presidential diaries, and there it was in his very first entry — the issue of terrorism and how to fight it.

On Jan. 26, 1981, on his first Monday on the job, Ronald Reagan wrote that he called the FBI, the CIA, and other intelligence agencies into an Oval Office meeting to find better ways of sharing information with each other on terrorists.

I read my father’s entry Tuesday, the same day Sen. Lindsey Graham was being told in a hearing that the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI had not shared what they knew about dead Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

It’s too early to know the details of who knew what or when, or if the FBI or someone else fumbled the ball. So far, it looks like what is to blame is a combination of bureaucracy and the complexities and legalities of compiling and monitoring terrorist watch lists.

But we’ve already learned the FBI interviewed Tamerlan in 2011 after being told by Russian intelligence officials that he had recently changed into a strong believer in radical Islam and was suspected of joining underground groups in Russia.

The FBI ultimately decided that Tamerlan was not a terrorist threat and did not know he went to Russia. The DHS knew he went to Russia but apparently didn’t know the FBI had checked him out.

Haven’t we seen this tragic sitcom plot before?

Wasn’t the failure of the CIA and the FBI to share what they knew about the 9/11 terrorists one of the main reasons they were never caught?

To share. Wasn’t that the important kindergarten lesson our overlapping, turf-warring intelligence agencies were supposed to learn from 9/11?

We thought the intelligence-sharing problem was going to be fixed after 9/11. My father thought the same thing after that big meeting in his office. But nothing’s changed after 32 years.

Not that our intelligence agencies could have stopped the Boston Marathon bombers even if they had been sharing information the way they should.

To a large extent, the Brothers Tsarnaev were under our anti-terrorist radar screens. We only knew what we knew about them beforehand because the Russians tipped us off.

It’s a pretty sad state of affairs when we have to rely on the Russians for intelligence about terrorists in our own backyards. Who’ll try to help us next time, the North Koreans?

There will be a next time. Everyone knows that Boston was not a one-off. Other terror cells we don’t know anything about yet are living among us, and they’re radicalized and trained to hurt us — and they will. America has millions of soft targets.

At least the state and local police in Boston did a great job, finding and capturing the bombers in less than four days.

But it was humiliating to watch a proud city be shut down and terrorized for more that 24 hours, its people cowering and “sheltering in place” because of two punks with pistols and a couple of homemade pipe bombs.

Paul Revere and his fellow patriots would have been ashamed to see so many Americans afraid to even go outdoors.

It’s doubtful, but maybe some of the die-hard liberals of Boston — and the rest of the country — learned a lesson from what played out so dramatically on their streets and our TVs.

Two weeks ago, everyone on TV was talking or crying about the need for tougher gun control because of what happened at Newtown. Now, after Boston, everyone is talking about how we all need a gun at home to protect ourselves.

Photo Credit: aquadogs (Creative Commons)

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  1. Al Metcalf says:

    For those who do not follow political history, the President who erected the wall between intel agencies was William Jefferson Clinton. The person who actually perfromed the task was Jamie Gorelick. This was done right after Slick Willie was blindsided, for the second time, by the return of his nine investigative counts to the AG's office after he had successfully had them returned to Kansas City for reinvestigation on the White Water and Madison Loan crimes. This return to KC was due to the efforts of Web Hubbel the acting AG, who later did five years in a federal penn for Slick Willie.
    When Clinton was elected he was under investigation in Arkansas for crimes and misdemeanors in financial affairs while Governor of Ark by the then sitting U.S. Attorney of the area. When Clinton took office the indictments showed up at the AG's office in Washington. Imagine that, this was the first time Clinton had a clue that he was in trouble for his crooked dealings in Arkansas. With the aid of Hubbel, a partner in the Rose Law Firm and now hanger on attorney and acting AG of the United States this was re-routed back to Kansas City the Investigation center for the District.

    • Al Metcalf says:

      Slick Willie immediately fired all sitting U.S. Attorneys in the United States, which meant that the one who started this nine cound indictment was out of a job. Clinton immediately hired a new U.S. Attorney in Little Rock, a lady who had worked for Willie while he was Governor.
      During this time, Clinton's childhood buddy and also Rose Law firm partner, and friend of Hillary who also worked at the Rose Law firm, Vince Foster, was the Presidents Legal Council in Wasjhington.
      After beating back this first problem and getting the two investigator, from KC fired, they thought they could coast a bit, so they fired the White House Travel Agency and put in a Hollywoodite package run by the Tomlinson group who were their friends from Arkansas.

      • Al Metcalf says:

        The two investigatiors refused to leave government service and filed a law suit against the government for wrongful termination. The S##t hit the fan, the two agents were given back their jobs with promotion and shipped west and after a review of the case in KC they shipped the whole package to the new U.S. Attorney in Little Rock. Now, Web Hubbel was dispatched to Little Rock and between the two of them, Web and the new U.S. Attorney, they worked over the indictments and sent them back to KC, they expected the whole thing to be dropped and all would be good.
        This did not happpen, Instead KC went through the new indictments with new investigations and low and behold they were once again sent to the AG's office, Web Hubbe,l for prosecution. The Clintons immediately went on vacation and left the mess in the hands of Web Hubbel.

        • Al Metcalf says:

          This led to Vince Foster deciding to quit the government and go back to Arkansas of which decision, he told Hubbel. From here all things get murky and the end of the murk is Vince Foster dead in Marcy Park under strange circumstances. The head of the FBI, William Sessions, who is supposed to investigate all high office issues, is fired by Hubbel and Louis Freeh, of Ruby Ridge Fame, is placed at the head of the FBI. The FBI did not investigate the death of Vince Foster per the Law. Instead the National Park Service Police investigated the death of Vince Foster and decided it was a suicide.

          • Al Metcalf says:

            Now back to Jamie Gorelic.
            After 9-11 it was decided to investigate why it happened and what could be done to stop this from ever happening again. The final report faulted the fact that the Intel agencies were not sharing information and now one followed up to see why this was true. So they decided to put a team on this issue and who do you think was put in charge of this effort? Yep, a holdover from the Clinton administration volunteered for the job as team leader, Jamie Gorelic was put in charge to solve the very thing that had been done in the Clinton administration to protect Clinton from being blindsided by Intel agencies doing investigations of the Clintons. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, and Jamie is still part of the housing finance mess yet today.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Al don't forget with all Vince Foster knew the Clintons couldn't afford to have him alive. he had to go like most so called friends of the Clintons are now pushing up daisies.

  2. Everyone: This will go along with the bombing in Boston. Please "Goggle" Homegrown Jihad and watch the video. Use the 2012 version about 35:00 long. Then take a look at http://www.commieblaster .com. You will certainly get your eyes opened.

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