Legislator Claims Maryland Healthcare Exchange System Rife With Fraud

Photo Credit: Twitter/Rep. Andy Harris, MD

According to a recent WJZ report, Maryland’s lone Republican congressman is fighting against a federal healthcare system that he alleges has resulted in widespread fraud within his state. In setting up the health exchange mandated under ObamaCare, Rep. Andy Harris explained that the system has continually failed to operate effectively as promised in the program’s infancy.

Despite spending millions on a website and the infrastructure to assist enrollees, Harris suggests that much of the money has been wasted with no paper trail.

“There were invoices,” he said, “literally for hundreds of dollars an hour in charges with no reason for the invoices, no specific work done, and these were approved by the executive director.”

Including the expenses associated with revamping the site, the exchange is expected to ultimately cost Maryland taxpayers nearly $300 million.

He went on to assert that the subpoenas have been issued by the Inspector General’s Office at the Department of Health and Human Services.

Maryland Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, however, asserted that he has not been contacted by any investigators and suggests that the entire narrative was concocted as a political ploy by Harris.

A spokesperson for the exchange itself similarly denied the pursuit of any federal investigation, welcoming anyone wishing to look into the program to do so.

As for the OIG, a spokesperson explained only that the office works to “investigate, prosecute and convict hundreds of companies who misuse or steal taxpayer dollars,” declining to confirm or deny the specific investigation in question.

Harris nonetheless seems convinced that there is an ongoing investigation into the state’s exchange.

“It’s in a new phase now,” he concluded, “a phase which could ultimately result in criminal charges.”

Photo Credit: Twitter/Rep. Andy Harris, MD

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