Leftists Call CMA Satire Racist

Photo credit: wstera2 (Creative Commons)

Whether because those involved were white or the target of their gag is half-black, a clever skit by two country music stars during Wednesday’s CMA Awards has drawn scathing criticism from leftists on Twitter.

When hosts Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood tackled the disastrous roll out of ObamaCare during the ceremony, they did so with a healthy dose of humor.

“I started signing up last Thursday and I’m almost done,” Underwood said, prompting the duo to break into a parody of the George Strait classic song “Amarillo by Morning.”

The resulting spoof, “ObamaCare by Morning,” was received with the vocal support of the audience. In the social media sphere, however, supporters of the widely unpopular law saw racism in the exchange.

Somehow suggesting that the only reason Americans would be against socialized healthcare has something to do with the race of the man responsible for forcing upon them, rude and often profane Twitter posts blasted the hosts and members of the audience.

One Twitter user exclaimed “90% of their listeners are illiterate white trash!!”

Another poster insinuated that there is something “’accidentally racist’ about doing ACA jokes and booing health reform on the Country Music Awards,” apparently unaware that the disastrous mandates included in the law will negatively affect Americans regardless of race.

Paisley and Underwood did not even hint at a racial undertone in their humorous takeoff. Leftists who can only see the world through the lens of perceived bigotry, however, automatically assume that any criticism of Obama is borne out of a deep-seated prejudice.

The tactic is so transparent that a number of tweets predicted the race-based onslaught as soon as the song aired.

“Since the #CMA host cracked on #Obamacare I predict racism cries to begin in 3….2…..1……,” wrote one user. “Where are you at Jessie and Al?”

Resorting to name-calling is always the sign of a barren argument. Tellingly, this now seems to be the only weapon in the left’s arsenal.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo credit: wstera2 (Creative Commons)

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  1. The only thing Racist about the CMA Satire are the Leftists and Obamas…

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Finally someone not kissing Obuttholes half black ass.Thank God for CMA.

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