Leftist Talk Radio Continues Collapse

Photo Credit: Deseronto Archives (Creative Commons)

When given a level playing field, the conservative message always resonates with the American public far more than leftist rhetoric. Since the repeal of the absurd Fairness Doctrine and subsequent rise of conservative firebrand Rush Limbaugh, right-wing talk radio has consistently trounced its competition on the other side of the aisle.

Even Air America, a radio network funded by numerous liberal activists and populated with some of the movement’s most recognizable names, never gained a following and soon went off the air completely.

A precious few left-leaning talkers have managed to eke out a living by trashing conservatives and propping up the failed ideology of the modern Democrat party. Even these voices, however, will find it more difficult to reach an audience as the 2014 begins.

Recent reports indicate major markets across the U.S. will no longer offer such programming next year. For instance, New York’s WWRL will become a Spanish station, leaving hosts such as Ed Schultz and Alan Colmes with no outlet in the nation’s most populated city.

Even more damning, two major metropolitan areas in California are dumping leftist radio with Los Angeles’ KTLK switching sides to present proven conservative hosts. San Francisco’s lone liberal station, KNEW, will also leave its stable of hosts without an audience in that city.

Despite leftist programmers’ desire to force their ideology onto the public via airwaves, the hosts themselves cannot attract listeners. Whether due to the fallacy of their position or the shrillness of their argument, stations propagating such content routinely wind up at the bottom of ratings lists. At a certain point, station managers must realize they are operating a business. As such, they must make rational decisions to support their bottom line.

One notable exception, however, is NPR. Despite sagging ratings and uninspired programming, taxpayers are still forced to subsidize a network that cannot survive in the marketplace of ideas on its own.

For far too long, network television news and the mainstream press has largely been the playground of leftist ideologues. Within media open to free expression – such as talk radio and the Internet – conservative views consistently dominate the landscape.

–B. Christopher Agee 

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Photo Credit: Deseronto Archives (Creative Commons)


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  1. Liberal Progressive radio can never survive on a level playing field because they are pushing a life agenda that is completely foreign to natural life…. Think about it…. Every animal that ever existed and every one that exists today, lives to be free for that is the natural order of nature. Did you ever try to tame a wild animal? Think about what it takes to accomplish this task…
    We, all of us, are natural wild animals and we can come together as long as the rules do not impinge to much on each of our autonomy…
    That is exactly why our Constitution is written as it is…. We come together for our common defense against our common enemies. We cooperate to create those common things that we can all use together and we play the game by a set of rules that allow each of us to have the utmost liberty and freedom on action in our private lives and in the ownership of our property….
    In other words we try to keep ourselves as near to what G-d created as possible and we live by those rules that are engrained in each of us by our common code of ethics, the ten commandments of civil societies.
    Periodically we get some fool who tries to con us into some other set of rules but soon we see the end game of that con and we throw this fool out of office….. some times it takes longer that others but in the end we right the ship of state and continue with our experiment in our Republican form of government……
    Right now we are living through a time of lapse of intelligence and soon this will be over… The thing we must remember is to never allow another Communist Clown to be elected to office in this nation. In 2016 we will be having the first woman to run for the highest office in the land. And this woman is a Communist from the bottom of her feet to the top of her head. She is a lie and everything about her is a lie and she will continue the idiotic mess that Obama has got us into….. We must not put this lying fool in office for she is poison…..to our Republic, for she is a Communist and thinks that all life takes a Village to solve problems…..

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