Leftist Rep. Calls Congress America’s “Parents”


With single-digit approval ratings, it is clear that Americans have little trust in Congress’ ability to carry out its prescribed duties. Many feel that lawmakers are completely out of touch with the role they are supposed to play in our nation’s government.

Those fears were bolstered when Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) recently described a legislator’s position as that of an authority figure — not a public servant. Of course, for a woman who reportedly told her staffers, “I demand to be treated like a queen,” Lee is no stranger to bestowing upon herself unearned titles.

Still, suggesting that members of Congress “are like parents” is a gross misrepresentation of their mandate.

She went on to “ask any parent that is listening: How long do they wait before they see a toddler fall, or do they leap toward that toddler so that they know the strength of that parent is always there?”

From the leftist perspective, government officials should have custodial rights over their subjects; the limited powers established by our founders no longer apply.

In reality, reversing her troubled analogy would make it much more accurate. Under the Constitution, it is the people — not politicians — who have the authority. Those like “Queen” Lee are apparently unable to comprehend such a notion.

As rhetoric in the U.S. House continued to heat up Wednesday, it became obvious that Democrats had not coordinated their comparative metaphors. While Lee said that lawmakers are acting like parents, Rep. John Garamendi (D-Calif.) contended that many of the same legislators were children.

Calling out House conservatives, he said that the government shutdown was caused by “what you might see in a preschool class with some kid that is too tired and is down on the floor throwing a tantrum, screaming and yelling and trying to stop everything.”

He suggested that Republicans “get your blanket, get your bottle and take a nap.”

Perfectly illustrated in the words of these two representatives, modern leftists are only satisfied when they are building themselves up or tearing their opponents down. Too many conservatives, unfortunately, seem willing to just take the abuse.

–B. Christopher Agee

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