Leftist Professor Exploits Deadly Tornadoes


Photo Credit: Mississippi Department of Archives and History (Creative Commons)

After a series of tornadoes ravaged much of the Midwest over the weekend, most Americans’ first thoughts were with those injured, killed, or left homeless as a result.

As entire neighborhoods were uprooted by the powerful storms, resulting in what one reporter called “complete destruction,” at least some ideologues used the tragedy to bolster their own misguided worldview.

Among the most obvious attempts to capitalize on this disaster came from Columbia University Professor Jeffrey Sachs. As director of the school’s Earth Institute, Sachs is a popular voice among proponents of manmade global warming.

While details of the deadly twisters continued to pour in Sunday evening, Sachs took to his Twitter account

to be among the first to blame humans for causing the devastation. A social media page already brimming with far-left environmental diatribes became even more outrageous following his commentary regarding this latest meteorological event.

Claiming the debate is over and that “human-induced warming is likely to lead to more severe thunderstorms,” Sachs disregarded all evidence showing the past few years have been among the calmest on record.

As is common on Twitter, however, sharp-eyed users kept Sachs honest by responding to his absurd assumption.

One response explained the U.S. is “currently way below normal for tornadoes,” encouraging the professor to “go jump in a lake!”

Another user cited prior studies by think tanks that attempted to predict future global warming trends, noting “[w]e are all dead today, per their computer models.”

The critique continued, asking Sachs to reconcile his skewed logic with the fact that there has been no demonstrable climate change since last century.

Still, Sachs could not be swayed, calling the storms “very uncommon in number and severity,” though he conceded they were not “unprecedented.”

The only way leftists can perpetuate their failed doctrine is by sensationalizing any weather anomaly and blaming the results on anthropomorphic climate change. This is exactly what Sachs attempted, though a vocal group of skeptics used the opportunity to educate an Ivy League professor.

Such quick and decisive rejection of this leftist’s hypothesis indicates the environmental science so many claim is settled is anything but.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo Credit: Mississippi Department of Archives and History (Creative Commons)

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  1. Wiseoldlady says:

    The only climate change Is HAARP and CHEM TRAILS….!!!!!! You can thank the criminal liberal progressive morons for what they are doing to destroy this beautiful planet. Remember they want 80% of people WIPED OUT.

    • Sachs is exactly right and he is just a few who is trying to wake up America. All you all have to do is go outside on a clear day, watch these jets leaving Chemtrails behind them in which they then expand into these clouds and in no time the whole sky is covered, then watch the clouds go into a ripple design, that is when the Haarp affects them. Does your ears ring, do you have respirtory or gastrointestinal problems after a heavy days spraying, those are the chemicals such as mercury, aluminum, and barium along with influenza A and B, bacteria, mold, fungi and much more….Google illnesses from Chemtrails. You can also go to http://www.theweatherspace.com and see where they are spraying the chemtrails and also see where the Haarp frequencies are playing out…..High frequencies causes extreme weather changes such as those tornados in the Midwest. One day before that storm, the Haarp was at it's high, now it is building on the West coast…….Please do not judge someone wishing to help protect you and your loved ones. It sure isn't our government protecting us. Take the time and educate yourselves, it may save your life.

      Way to Go Sachs

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        You must be one of those card carring global warming nutbags.Why don't you pack your bags and move to China or Russia where they would appreciate you. Anytime you think this country is bad take Sachs and move there is know anchor tied to your ass or his.

        • My mistake with Sachs, but Wiseoldlady has it right on….as I describe how chemtrails and Haarp works against us…..


      • Edwardkoziol says:

        You must be one of those card carrying global warming nutbags. Why don't you pack your bags and move to China or Russia where they would appreciate you. Anytime you think this country is bad take Sachs and move,there is no anchor ntied to your liberal ass.

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