Leftist Actress Inadvertently Tells Obama To Resign

As Democrats lick their wounds following a disastrous publicity stunt this week, Americans are not discussing the supposed gender pay gap in the private sector but the actual one within the staffs of prominent leftist politicians.

Tuesday marked 2014’s “Equal Pay Day,” which the White House attempted to use in suggesting the corporate world systematically pays women less than men for performing the same work.

While promulgating the flawed mathematics that show women only earn slightly more than three-fourths of their male counterparts’ salary, Obama apparently failed to hold his own payroll to the same high standard. Reports surfaced that women serving in the Obama White House earn just 88 cents for every dollar male staffers bring home.

Lesbian actress Ellen Page either did not receive that memo, or she thinks Obama should no longer be president due to salary disparity.

She posted an update to her Twitter account Wednesday in which she suggested politicians who oppose “equal pay for women” or the Employment Non-Discrimination Act are unqualified for public service.


A number of similarly uninformed leftists failed to notice the irony of her post.

Several astute users, however, called her on the hypocritical accusation.


The most disingenuous part of the Obama administration’s rhetoric is the utter fallacy of statistics used to castigate the rate of pay in the private sector. Even feminist author Hanna Rosin, writing for the far-left website Slate.com, debunked the “women are paid 77 cents on the dollar for doing the same work as men” myth.

Variables such as the number of hours worked (men work more, on average) and participation in unions (men are more likely to be members), she wrote, are not included in such statistics. In reality, Rosen said women make up to 94 percent of their male colleagues’ salary.

Conservatives seized on the opportunity to call Obama out on his flawed premise, including a White House protest detailing exactly how irresponsible the administration’s portrayal of reality has become.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Ellen Page

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